Court Shuts Down North Raleigh Party Mansion

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Photos from Facebook of the mansion during its party days.

Shawn MacArthur was in his home office working late into the night one Saturday when the sudden cacophony of more than four dozen racing motorcycles exploded outside his window.

“They just kept going back and forth — one, two, three o’clock in the morning,” MacArthur explained, incredulously.


While jarring, the incident did not come as a complete surprise to MacArthur, who by then had come to expect the unexpected when it came to Saturday nights in Radcliffe. This exclusive North Raleigh sub-division off Falls of the Neuse road just past the E.M. Johnson water treatment plant was host for nearly a year to the Metropolitan Lifestyle Mansion, a garish 24-room home turned no-rules suburban nightclub.

According to an injunction filed by the Radcliffe Homeowner’s Association against the mansion’s owners, Claude and Pamela Verbal, the lavish parties, which allegedly featured exotic dancers, bottle service and private cabanas, first began in July of 2012, and, in spite of a restraining order, continued through May 18, 2013.

A North Raleigh Party Mansion is Born
Although Claude Verbal originally purchased the property –10625 Marion Stone Way – in August of 2010 for $821,000, it was Pamela Verbal alone who moved into the mansion in the summer of 2012, at which time she was allegedly separated from Mr. Verbal, according to documents filed with Wake County Superior Court.

She soon began hosting events with themes such as “Lavish Beach” and “Eyes Wide Shut.” The parties were advertised with the slogan “What Happens at the Metropolitan Mansion Never Happened.”


MacArthur said he unwittingly attended one of the early events, believing it to be nothing more than a simple housewarming party. He first realized his mistake upon noticing the impromptu valet stand situated in the middle of the street. When he asked the cost, MacArthur said he was told it was $45 per car.

Upon reaching the house, MacArthur, 42, said he was made to sign a waiver indicating he was over 18 and show ID. The $10 entrance fee was waived because he was a neighbor. He then made his way into the party.

“So I walk back there and there’s all these, there’s all these 20-year-old hot chicks sitting in the pool, doing lap dances … I don’t know what the hell is going on, I’m like, freakin’ out, I’ve been married for 23 years,” he said.

“So I’m like, you know what, I’ll go get a drink, whatever.

“I go over to the bar and I’m like, ‘give me a Jack and Coke,’ and they’re like, ‘no problem, $12.’”

After someone pointed out that he was a neighbor, he said, all his drinks were on the house.

MacArthur eventually wandered inside the mansion, where he recognized a very distinct smell.

“What’s back there?” MacArthur recalls asking.

“Someone said, ‘That’s a Hookah room.’ I’m like, ‘they ain’t smoking hookah, that’s pot,’” he said.

“The lady just laughed, and was like, ‘You don’t want to go back there,’ so of course I [did] and they were smoking pot.”

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Neighbors “Terrorized” by Ongoing Parties
The injunction in Wake County Superior Court states that Radcliffe residents were subject to “a multitude of visibly intoxicated people, loud, profanity-filled music, and persons in various states of undress roaming around the neighborhood.”

“We were figuring just with cars, they could [gross] $30,000 a day, $10-$20,000 on entrance fees, $40-$80,000 on alcohol…” MacArthur said.

“It’s not a bad business, but it’s not a business I want around my little girls.“

The parties are allegedly in violation of covenants attached to the mansion’s deed, which prohibit business of any kind from being conducted on the property, and banned any activity that may be considered a nuisance to the neighborhood.

“The biggest thing I tell people is, it was like living next to the Playboy Mansion,” MacArthur explained.

Due to these ongoing issues, and an allegation that the Verbals owed more than $3,000 in homeowner’s association fees, the association decided to take them to court.

Parties Banned by Judge
On May 17, 2013 a Wake County judge issued a temporary restraining order effectively blocking the parties by banning Ms. Verbal from engaging in any future business on her property.

The next day, May 18, a “B Stacks MME Video Shoot Party” was held on the property, and, according to the injunction, included “professional film crews, deejays, security, catering and wait staff.”

The Record verified that tweets from rapper B Stacks, who was mentioned in the injunction, did indeed confirm the event took place.

MacArthur estimates the Metropolitan Lifestyle Mansion that Saturday drew in about 600 cars and more than 2,000 people to the two-street, 15-lot Radcliffe development.

MacArthur said a second party at the mansion, scheduled for Sunday May 19, was advertised on local a radio station. It was eventually rained out.

“We kinda hoped for [bad] weather on the weekends so that we wouldn’t have to deal with any parties,” MacArthur said. “It sucked.”

When the issue came before the court again, a judge found Pamela Verbal in contempt of the restraining order and temporarily incarcerated her on a $500,000 bond. The Wake County District Attorney’s office confirmed she is awaiting trial on the misdemeanor charge.

The Sound of Silence
On the evening of June 12, a bikini-clad Ms. Verbal answered the door of the mansion. She declined to make any comment on the issues surrounding the case and quickly shut the door.

Of the numerous promotional companies involved in these events, including Go Girl Entertainment, Casanova Entertainment, Black Linen Entertainment and more, only one, A-List Entertainment, responded to questions from the Record.

A spokesperson for the company, who asked that his name not be used, said when Ms. Verbal hired them, they were unaware of the ongoing conflict with the homeowner’s association. He also said his company provided a shuttle service, so that partygoers would not have to park in the neighborhood, and security, so that the party would not spill out beyond the mansion’s boundaries.

Messages left for a number linked to Claude Verbal also went unreturned.


On June 5, 2013, the Mansion was put up for sale, listing for about $2.9 million. According to county records, the Verbals currently owe more than $8,000 in taxes on the property.

The mansion is described as a 15,890-square-foot, six-bedroom, single-family home. In addition to other amenities, it boasts a game room, a hot tub, a pool, a bowling alley, an elevator, and, judging by one picture, what appears to be a stripper pole.

Although Pamela Verbal is still residing in the mansion, the parties appear to have stopped, at least for now. On a recent Saturday night – June 8 – there were only two cars in the driveway and no indications of any party.

MacArthur said he truly hopes this is the end of the parties. When they first began, he was leasing the home he owns now, a purchase he almost didn’t make because of them.

He fears there may be retaliation, as the events tended to draw what MacArthur described as a rough crowd – one that had to be frisked and patted down before entering the mansion. As a result, he said that he and the other two families living in the yet-unfinished subdivision have armed themselves for protection.

The Verbals’ Ongoing Legal Battles
The mansion’s covenant violations and subsequent contempt charges are not the only issues bringing the Verbals to court these days.

In a case filed by the U.S. Attorney’s office, the government alleges that Claude Verbal committed Medicare fraud through his health care business, Infinite Wellness Concepts, which has offices in Durham and Greensboro, and used the profits to buy luxury goods, including a men’s diamond watch, a custom black diamond cross chain and a 7-carat diamond ring.

The IRS seized these items, along with $765,000 from a checking account in the company’s name, as part of an ongoing investigation. The case cites a former employee of Mr. Verbal’s company, who indicated that Verbal was not only aware of the ongoing fraud, but was the main cause of it. The employee also stated that patients were frequently misdiagnosed so they could be billed at a higher rate. The government also claims to have evidence of Medicare charges for services that were never rendered at all. A response filed by Mr. Verbal’s attorney disputes these allegations.

A trial on the matter is set for April 2014.

37 thoughts on “Court Shuts Down North Raleigh Party Mansion

  1. These people suck.

    Although, I like how the neighbor toughed out the party he “stumbled on.”

  2. Medicare fraud, unpaid taxes and lavish decadent parties being operated as a business with complete disregard for neighbors. All the money in the world can’t buy these ignorant thieves what they need most; class. Hopefully the community will be rid of this scum soon enough.

  3. 10-20k a day on entrance fees? Earlier in the article it states that the fee is 10 dollars a person, were they really pulling 1,000 to 2,000 daily in a HOUSE? Either that persons estimation is completely off, or this is the most popular venue in Raleigh that no one has ever heard of!

  4. $10 to get in. $45 for parking and then drinks cost $12. I think that might be how they estimated how much they made a day.

  5. We couldn’t even park a couple of van type trucks connected to my husband’s business on five acres of land off Creedmoor Rd. because it wasn’t zoned commercial. Since when is a night club allowed by zoning in a residential area? Why did it take almost of year to get a court order to shut it down?

  6. Those are some funny eyewitness quotes from the neighbor Macarthur. So he’s been married for 23 years and he saw some 20 year old “hot chicks” at a party and was “freaking out”. Too funny. Take a cold shower or think about baseball Shawn. Even when you’re age42, young hot chicks will still exist. And they may even hang out in swimming pools in bikinis. I do sympathize with the neighbors though. I would be livid.

  7. “So I walk back there and there’s all these, there’s all these 20-year-old hot chicks sitting in the pool, doing lap dances … I don’t know what the hell is going on, I’m like, freakin’ out, I’ve been married for 23 years,” he said.

    “So I’m like, you know what, I’ll go get a drink, whatever.”

    Laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a brave guy. You think he thought his wife might read this article and his comments????????

  8. This article is satirical. It is filled with foolery and gross exaggerations. Parking at $5-$15 bucks will not yeild $30 Grand. The neighbor in the story sounds backwards and foolish. I can agree that these constant events can be disrutptive, but the article attempts to shine of contempt failed. It only makes me chuckle…..

  9. They should have just taken it across the street to the park on Raven Ridge. Lap dances in the beaver pond ( literally LOL!)

  10. The way the neighbor described everything that was happening was the best part. The stumble upon part was great! You’re a funny guy Macarthur.

  11. I attended a few of these events and it is really over exaggerated. Depending on the event and who through the event the prices would fluctuate. The owners rented there house out to promoters. Also I know for a fact there weren’t any 20 year old women there. There were not any exotic dancers and it might have been a disturbance BUT in their defense every party I went to ended no later than 9:30-10:00pm!! It’s amazing the lengths people will go to just make a situation worse.

  12. The Devon HOA would like to extend an invitation to move the party. Our HOA fees are cheaper and we have more parking. Thanks.

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  14. what kind of fool builds a million dollar mansion next to a sh!t plant? You have priorities!

  15. For what I’ve heard MacArthur had attended 2 or 3 parties with his wife. He enjoyed it !!! Cant believe the lies this man is telling just to try and prove a point. You and I both know what this is all about. Why would he lie about things that didn’t happen? What is his problem ? “oh yea when he came he bought A fifth of patron ” so i Know he enjoyed it but i dont know about his wife.

  16. If he would’ve stayed out his window with his binoculars, he wouldn’t have seen or heard anything. He needs to get in his shopping cart and stay in there. For a man that came up a shopping cart online how cruel can he one be. There’s nothing wrong with having pool parties “My god its summer time”!!!!!

  17. It’s not near a wastewater sh!t treatment plant knucklehead. It’s near the water treatment plant that treats water from falls lake for drinking.

  18. Is that guy serious?? He is over reacting.. Sounds like he’s Jealous to me.

  19. I think he is very jealous. Sounds to me like he wants to come to other parties but wifey probably wouldn’t let him. There is nothing wrong with a successful black women minding her own business in the privacy of her own home. So if you wear a bikini does that mean that you are a stripper? do you get in the pool fully clothed?

  20. @DavidHartman Speaking of class, it’s hard to believe that you would leave a comment like that based on lies. You don’t know what these people did in their home, like me, you werent there either so people should comment on what they know not what they have heard because seems to me they are all lies. Because alot of things that mcauthor said doesnt add up do the math!!!!!!!!!!

  21. wow,cant believe this , the parties has stopped so why is McArthur still complaining. seems to me he has a ax to grind. he also said if he wasn t married ,ask yourself would he have went to the parties.I think he spent alittle to much time in his windows spying on his neighbors looking at the young peoples. needs to get a life and mind his own, if he had not been looking so hard would not have SEEN NOR HEARD anything the lies people tell

  22. I went to the b stacks party. there was no fee to park, there was no fee to get in, there was no fee to eat nor drink…for anyone. out of all the newsites reporting this Mr. MacArthur was the only neighbor to speak, what happened to the other two neighbors? he really sounds jealous to me.

  23. Yeah, the guy MacArthur is funny with his comments. Yeah, we weren’t there however there does appear to be a lot of photographic evidence posted on the web. And, based upon the photographic evidence, these were not just a few friends gathering for a pool party … regardless how much you try to protest.

    Bottom-line, there were running a business in a residential neighborhood resulting in a whole slew of laws being broken. I can’t believe ABC hasn’t gotten involved as it’s illegal to resell alcohol (bartenders w/ tip cups clearly visible), IRS will surely want their cut, zoning issues, etc. I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Also, when it spills out onto neighborhood and public property, it is no longer a little intimate party.

  24. ok did u see the pic. of the neighbor and wife with the homeowner. all smiles somethings fishy with this guy.looks like they are having fun.I think they just want her to leave .thats why all the lies are being told. saw the pics. of the parties saw nothing wrong what is the fuss about the parties stopped at 9;00 that was said. its hot just people having fun in the pool with swim wear .that can be worn if you have the body to do so. that don t make you a stripper. what is wrong with some people,if you didn t like the parties stay away.dont tell lies on your neighbors.because karma is a BIT– will come back and bite you, it don t take long.

  25. was at the parties nice parties. why all the lies, no alcohol was sold no food was sold on money to get in everything was free,and there was no drugs, don t understand what the neighbors is doing this to that nice lady. at 9’00 every one had to leave. having fun in the pool didn t want to but had to respect her home. there were friend who came with friends, never hundreds of peoples. lies and jealousy gets you no where in life. people like the neighbors you have to watch out for.they are doing a witch-hunt on that lady.

  26. Very interesting. I’m actually indifferent to either side. However, does this neighbor really want to shut the parties down…or is it his wife? Seems like he at one point was attending the events, and even under his own admission seemed to be proud and boastful about living beside the “Playboy Mansion”. From what I understand there are only 3 or 4 houses in the “neighborhood” so I translate this as more of neighbor’s vendetta than a Homeowner Association’s complaint. I don’t think this is a Black vs White scenario. This is a “New Generation Culture” vs “Bible Belt” battle. I appreciate the editor bring this to light but I like to think objectively and kinda feel this article is one-side. So many points raise quite a bit of skeptism for me. Homeowner probably should have made a statement in her defense.

  27. been to the parties paid nothing, had a good time nothing but lies,that was no business just a good clean party.yes i saw a guy in one of the pic. with something in his hand ,that was disrespectful. that was one of the rules. if they saw him he would have to leave.there was a policeman out front one of wake co. so what kind of fool would sell or do anything wrong in front of police .get it right that is not her attorney that u saw . that story to is old news now, if it wasn t for that house people would have already forgot.I say let them do what they do ,the [neighbors and ms. verbal ] i don t live back there sure don t pay no ones bills so move on .theres on more parties .and no business,ah man what a joke, people get real just neighbors trying to hurt neighbors don t feed into that mess

  28. here s the story ,wife is upset and crying because cohoe is obsessed with his neighbor ,he know when she leaves her home he know when she get back. when she leave and go out of town he know how many bags she takes and what she is wearing. he has to take his meds every day if not who knows what might happen.and here s a man who go out and buys a gun because of a few parties . the other neighbor goes by what he tell them of course they will go along with what he said. when the camera came the second time ,they got family and bailed. the lies had gotten to big , his wife will leave him if he don t stay out the window with his camera. this I know.parties is the least of their problems.

  29. @James, that is definitely Attorney Russell in the pics Observant spoke about. If the attorney for the neighbors gets there hands on those and takes them to court, see if the attorney denies it. This is about race huh?? No parties huh??

  30. Just curious. How was Ms. Venable allowed to have another party on July 4th. I thought only 5 people were allowed. She did because I live near by and say it. Someone must be getting paid off.