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Mark Rodriguez  

Mark Rodriguez is a news blogger who has a passion for writing. He loves to share his thoughts on current events and offer his perspective on the world around him. He is always looking for new ways to engage with his readers and provide them with valuable information.

Paul Cavazos

Paul Cavazos is a tech writer and content strategist. He has worked in the technology industry for over 10 years, writing about everything from enterprise software to consumer electronics. When he’s not writing or nerding out about gadgets, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and two young kids.

Antoinette Griffin

Antoinette Griffin is a business writer with a focus on startups and small businesses. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communications, and business writing.

Adolph Wylie

Adolph Wylie is a health blogger who is dedicated to helping others achieve their best lives. A self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, Adolph loves nothing more than spending his days at the gym or out on a run. When he’s not working on his blog or hitting the weights, you can usually find him curled up with a good book or spending time with his loved ones.