Bill Shakespeare

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William “Bill” Shakespeare
At-large contender
Age: 49
Address: 2514 Clark Avenue
Hometown: I was born in Washington D.C. After seven months I moved to Winston-Salem, but I consider Raleigh my hometown. I went to Ravenscroft.

How long Have you lived in Raleigh?

Thirty-nine years

What brought you to Raleigh?

My dad bought in some land over by Corporation Parkway. My father was in real estate. He commuted for two years and then we moved.

In two to three sentences, please share something that you believe the City of Raleigh does well.

It’s a very good political town. Medicine seems to be prominent here. The aspects of medicine sometimes disturb me, though.

In two to three sentences, please share one thing that you believe the City of Raleigh could improve upon or change.

The arts and the attitude toward arts, professional arts.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding public transit in the City of Raleigh.

I don’t think it’s adequate. Maybe the rail that was supposed to come, there was something about a rail going to Durham. It never happened. It seems I remember something about that. The busses have tried to grow a little bit. The busses are difficult. I have a scooter. I have a license, but I chose a scooter to bypass, well you know, I want a motorcycle and I may get it. I use the busses a lot. I still use busses, but I have a license.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding growth management in the City of Raleigh.

I think we could use some arts financing, some financing for the arts. Maybe some financing through the transit. It grew and now they are trying to drop back. The busses grew and they went further and then people weren’t using it.

I really think the taxes going on these houses is an encumbrance to people who have gotten into new homes. I think the taxes are going up on the old homes that were built during Reagan’s era. It maybe a little excessive to keep people where they should be.

In two to three sentences, please share your position regarding crime control in the City of Raleigh.

There’s not much of a problem with that. This is a very well policed area. It’s the capital. I asked one officer, maybe there could be a war, he said he’s checking on it, but we’re not rats either. I wanted to serve. I consider them to be good people, we need officers. I consider it very well policed. It’s good service.

Now, we would like to hear your position on two issues that were not previously mentioned, but that you think are important to the voters in the City of Raleigh. You tell us the issue and then give us two to three sentences about your position on the issue.

My issue is the arts and the attitude, well not the attitude toward the arts, but arts financing. Grants. I always take it to be a professional thing to do. I think the financing should be considered on a liberal basis. Freedom of expression. Not total freedom of expression. We have North Carolina laws. Concerning things that take place in California, I prefer to stay here. I mean, I don’t want to move to Amsterdam, either because I’m not a drug user.

Taxes. Be careful with over taxation. I find it very distressing that people are losing their homes because they can’t afford taxes. And we’re in the middle trying to sell one. My dad, I think he’s gone into a reverse mortgage because they’re just not selling. People can’t stay in them. I think there’s some over taxation.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a fame seeker.


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