Wake School Board District 2: Matt Scruggs

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Matt Scruggs

District: Wake School Board, District 2
Age: 33
Occupation: Commercial Sales Manager in automotive industry
City of Residence: Fuquay-Varina
Incumbent: No

Do you have children in the district? If so, explain.

My children are not old enough yet, but they will be in the district that I am running for once they are of age.

The school board has been divided over partisan politics in recent years. How do you think that’s affected how the district has been run?

I think the politics has not allowed the board members to work together to further the educations of the children. The children, you know, their future is what our education system is for, and I think that it’s been hindering our children’s education.

What do you think about the current reassignment plan and what would you do, if anything to change it?

The reassignment plan is one plan I am still studying. I will say that I grew up in the Gaston County school system in North Carolina. Where I went, we went to the school that was closest to us. I do not have issues with school choice. I think school choice would be beneficial to many students. I do not think, however, that when it comes to school choice, I don’t think that taxpayers should be left the bill for busing students from one side of the county to the other.

What is your main priority for the new superintendent for the next year or two?

I would say that as far as the superintendent goes we all, the board and the superintendent, need to be working together to come up with the best possible plans for the education for our children. Again, that’s the reason I’m running. My kids are going to be in the school system in a few years, and I want to assure that they get the same opportunities that I was given when I was in school.

Do you support the proposed school bond? And, if so, what are your priorities for spending that money?

I am also still researching a lot about the bond. I do know that there is a bit of the money that stands to go towards Garner High School, which is in my district, District Two. I know that that school needs the money very much. In the past, several of the funds have skipped over District Two. I would look forward to, in the future, hopefully getting more money into the school district that I’m in. I mean that’s my job, is to insure the district that I’m representing.

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