2011 Raleigh Election Guide

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Welcome to the 2011 Raleigh Election Guide

Photo by Karen Tam.

Our reporters have spent months interviewing candidates and dissecting issues to bring you the most comprehensive guide to voting in Raleigh. We have analysis on the housing bond, school board and mayoral races and profiled almost every candidate running for Raleigh City Council and the Wake County Board of Education.

Don’t forget to vote Oct. 11!

Letter from the Editor
By Charles C. Duncan Pardo >>

Caution: Elections May Cause Confusion
By Jennifer Wig
Early voting? Absentee? The what, where and when on voting in Raleigh. >>

Referendum on Diversity?
By Will Huntsberry
How the contentious school board debates of recent months play into this year’s election. >>

Politics and Growth in a 21st Century City
By Fraser Sherman
In the first open mayoral election in a decade, candidates are thinking about growth and how to manage it in a post-Charles Meeker Raleigh. >>

The Housing Bond Explained
By Ariella Monti
In addition to choosing candidates, Raleigh residents will cast their votes Oct. 11 for or against two bonds worth $56 million to fund transportation and affordable housing projects. >>

Profiling the Candidates

Raleigh Public Record staff spoke to almost every candidate running for Raleigh City Council and the Wake County Board of Education. We asked candidates the same set of questions, transcribed their answers and cut the transcriptions down to fit the space in this guide.

We have profiled every candidate except John Odom, who is running unopposed for City Council District B, and George Morgan, who is running against three other candidates for the District 6 seat on the school board.

Every candidate received an equal opportunity to participate. During our conversations with candidates, each was given the same opportunity to provide thoughtful answers to issues facing the city and Wake County schools. No candidate received the questions ahead of time.

We hope these profiles provide you, the voter, with the information you need to make informed decisions this fall.

City Council


Nancy McFarlane (U)
Billie Redmond (R)
Randall Williams (R)


Mary-Ann Baldwin (D)*
Paul Fitts (R)
Russ Stephenson (D)*

District A

Randall Stagner (U)
Gail Wilkins (R)

District B

John Odom (R)*, unopposed

District C

Corey Branch (D)
Shelia Jones (D)
Paul Terrell (R)
Eugene Weeks (D)*
Racquel Williams (U)

District D

Thomas Crowder (D)*, unopposed

District E

Bonner Gaylord (U)*, unopposed

School Board

District 3

Kevin Hill (D)*
Heather Losurdo (R)
Jennifer Mansfield (U)
Eric Squires (R)

District 4

Venita Peyton (R)
Keith Sutton (D)*

District 5

James Martin (D)
Cynthia Matson (R)

District 6

Christine Kushner (D)
George Martin (D)
Mary Ann Weathers (D)
Donna Williams (R)

District 8

Susan Evans (D)
Ron Margiotta (R)*


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