UDO Day 25: Details for Development

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We’re almost there, everyone. Just two more chapters to go. The UDO includes a lot of new, fun stuff, but a large part of the project was to reorganize the current code into something more cohesive.

In the current code, different ordinances can be found in multiple chapters. One regulation might relate to another regulation a few chapters back or a few ahead. So, in some cases, the code hasn’t changed, but it has been reformatted and reorganized so it is more easy to use.

A quick call to City Planner Greg Hallam, confirmed there are no changes to the code in chapters 9 and 10. So we’re just going to quickly summarize some of the highlights in these two chapters during the next few days.

Chapter 9, public improvements, deals with the nitty-gritty of new construction and development, including street naming, fees, water and sewer connections, homeowners associations, and utility lines.

Sections 9.1.1 – 9.1.7, generally speaking, discuss policies for construction including:

  • All plans must be reviewed and approved by the city and adhere to all regulations.
  • All construction must undergo a final inspection, provide a warranty and be approved by the city council before giving the official go-ahead.
  • The warranty covers the work for one year.
  • The city is allowed to reserve land within a private development for future use if that use is in the comprehensive plan.
  • Easements are required and necessary for the storm drainage and for the city to install water and sewer lines.

Next, we’ll take a peek at requirements for subdivisions, utilities and sewer lines.

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