UDO Day 23: Protective Yards

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Chapter 7 is such a big chapter we could dedicate a couple of weeks to it. But, thankfully, there weren’t too many changes to the current code. We already discussed the changes to the parking code in 7.1, so now we’ll move on to 7.2 — Landscaping.

While parking lot landscaping generally remains the same, Planning Manager Greg Hallam said, “there are fewer buffer yards required between different types of commercial uses and between differing residential densities.”

Remember when we were discussing transitions in Chapter 6? Well, they make a comeback in Chapter 7 as protective yards. Street protective yards are also included in Chapter 7, but refer readers back to Chapter 6 for the specific uses for both types.

Some protective yard highlights:

  • Protective yards are located around the outer perimeter of the lot and extend to the property boundary line.
  • Building and other structures must be located more than 10 feet away from a protective yard.
  • Protective yards can’t be located on a public right-of-way.
  • While vehicle access is allowed in protective yards, cars can’t be parking in them.
  • Walls and fences must not be more than 9 feet high.

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