UDO Day 22: UDO and Parking Part II

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Yesterday we reviewed one part of the parking changes. Today, let’s look at the rest.

Parking reductions were made in the Downtown District (DX), TOD Overlay District and Urban Frontage.

Downtown District highlights:

  • One parking space is required per dwelling unit, but no more than two are allowed.
  • For buildings with 30,000 square feet of space, no parking is required if at least 25 percent of that space is used for indoor recreation, personal service, restaurant/bar, retail sales or banks.
  • No parking is required for an indoor movie theater.
  • A fee, which is determined by the city council, may be paid in lieu of complying with the minimum parking requirements.

Urban Frontage highlights

  • Restaurants within 100 feet of a residential district, with hours of operations exceeding 11 p.m., must provide parking at a rate of 1 parking space per 150 square feet or one space per five seats.


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