UDO Day 20: Chapter 5 flashback – Transit Oriented Development

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On Day 10 of our UDO coverage we told you that the section of Chapter 5 that deals with Transit Oriented Development hadn’t been completed.

“The TOD was not thought to be needed early in the project,” said UDO Project Manager Christine Darges. “As a result of stakeholder meetings and public input, the thought of incorporating the concept into the code was reconsidered.”

The TOD section was released on Friday and can now be found with the rest of Chapter 5.

As written in the code, the intent for this kind of overlay district is to allow for compact, mixed-use developed around planned transit stations. This walkable environment would encourage residents and employees to travel by public transit, bicycle or car.

The major changes from the current code is providing a minimum building height – two stories – and prohibiting certain uses, such as single-unit living, a cemetery, car sales or repair and outdoor recreation.

Since TOD is an overlay district, the general development standards of the underlying zoning district would apply.

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