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Council Reviews Non-Profit Funding, Impact of Union Station

A rendering of the new Union Station

The Raleigh City Council met twice Tuesday, covering issues ranging from the approval of grants by the Human Services Agency to the altering of non-discrimination policy language by the Human Relations Commission. The first meeting scheduled for council members was a work session, where two groups completed presentations that outlined two key issues that will be moving forward for fiscal years to come. Kristin Larson, Budget Manager for the City of Raleigh, conducted a brief presentation outlining the changing process for how nonprofit organizations will receive grants in the future. According to Larson, the Human Services Agency will adopt a process that promotes consistency, transparency, and the perception of fairness for nonprofits seeking grants. In addition, there will be possible financial criteria for the amount of money received, notably that the amount of the grant should not exceed 25 percent of the budget of the organization receiving the grant. Continue Reading →

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