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Oakwood Concerns

The following has been taken from a Q&A document prepared in advance of the SPHO meeting held Monday, July 20 on the citywide remapping plan. Staff Responses to Specific Concerns of SPHO Staff received an email on July 14 containing 14 specific concerns that the Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood would like to address at the July 20 meeting. 

Given the number and complexity of the concerns, and in the interest of making for a productive meeting, staff has prepared responses to each concern for review in advance of the meeting. 

The numbered concerns are repeated verbatim from the email. Staff will be prepared to discuss in greater detail at the meeting, and will also bring a presentation and maps. (1) The three blocks south of Edenton St. between East and Bloodworth are being rezoned from Residential Business to NX–3-DE. Continue Reading →

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Oakwood, the UDO and You

View down Bloodworth Street at the corner of Edenton Street in Historic Oakwood

The Society for the Preservation of Historic Oakwood held a members-only meeting Monday night to address concerns over zoning case Z-27-14, which will remap about 30 percent of the city. We talked to some of those who attended. Continue Reading →

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