The Raleigh Social Event Club

Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

It was a slow week in Raleigh renovations, so we take a look at an expansion planned for the Raleigh Social Event Center and speculate about a small renovation project for an unnamed retailer at the atrociously-named The Devon Seven12 Apartments.

These apartments will soon be no more

Development Beat: Teardown Tuesday

An eight-unit apartment complex off Litchford Road in North Raleigh is being torn down to make way for a much larger, 240-unit complex being developed by Dewitt Carolinas.

Troll Riders in all their debauchery

Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

Three new bars received permits ranging from $1,800 to $98,000 last week: we take a look at all of them. Plus: a new canopy at Angus Barn, a new location for Red Wing shoes and the City of Raleigh leases some office space in Highwood Realty’s One City Plaza.

Taco Bell's California Sol store design concept

Development Beat: New Building Report

A new Taco Bell restaurant is coming to the Forestville Crossing shopping center on Louisburg Road; unfortunately it won’t be designed in one of the chain’s four new upscale “Cantina” styles.

The property today

Development Beat: Major Work Wednesday

Brought to you by Rufty-Peedin Design Build

Wednesday, October 12, 2016: Major Work Wednesday

Major/Minor Work Wednesday is a semiregular feature that takes a look at recently filed applications with the Raleigh Historic Development Commission. 

A home on State Street that was designated as Raleigh Historic Landmark in 2009 is now set to undergo a dramatic renovation that seeks to restore the property to its original, 1917 state. Last week, we published a column about plans for a new 42-unit apartment complex at 113 Chamberlain just off Hillsborough Street. Many readers expressed through social media and in our comments section their displeasure with the project and the overall trend of historic properties being torn down to make way for generic, high-density apartment complexes. Hopefully those folks will be pleased to learn that North Street LLC is seeking to “restore the house to as close as is feasibly possible to the original condition. The house was added on in many different ways over the years. In the few cases where the scope of work does not necessarily restore the house to its exact original condition we believe the work does not make its current condition worse.”

Dix Park

Development Beat: Dorothea Dix Data Dump

The Record has gained not-so-exclusive access to a trove of files that were put together for the purpose of giving potential Master Plan consultants for Dix Park a better idea of what they’re getting into when it comes to planning the future of this beloved space.