Section 8: Consumer Protection and Legal Issues

The issuing of extracting gas from land affects homeowners. The next section of the DENR report takes a look at the types of compensation given to homeowners and the legal issues surrounding a homeowner’s mineral rights for his or her house and property.

Section 6: The Social Reaction

What are some of the other reamifications of fracking? Section 6 of the DENR report takes a look at crime rates, housing and traffic accidents.

Section 5.3 — The Costs of Fracking

In this section of the fracking report, DENR outlines some of the costs and payments associated with fracking, including what states such as North Carolina tax for the practice.

Raleigh City Council Prepares Fracking Resolution

It appears it isn’t just environmental and community groups who are wary about the possibility of hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina. Raleigh’s City Council is working on a resolution requesting “no legislation in this field until the safety of the process can be established by the appropriate state agencies.” There are two different drafts of the resolution, which were discussed briefly at the last council meeting May 1. One was prepared by the Raleigh City Attorney’s office and the other by District D Counselor Thomas Crowder. The former draft portrays the issue in a much more negative light in regards to the environmental impact of fracking.

Section 5.2: Money talks

Of course fracking will boost the economic situation in North Carolina and that means jobs. But as Laura explains in today’s FrackFocus post, those jobs won’t be around forever.

Section 5 – Estimates for an economic influx

The Record’s fracking blog: This next section of the impact study addresses the potential economic impacts that hydraulic fracturing and the introduction of the natural gas industry would have in North Carolina. Scratch that. COULD have.