The PROP, five years later

Repeated loud parties, overgrown grass, junk cars and appliances in the yard along with structural issues such as exposed wiring and faulty plumbing are the meat and potatoes of Raleigh’s Probationary Rental Occupancy ordinance. Now in its fifth year, here’s a look back at the goals of the PROP and how it is working out.

The faces of homelessness

Homeless people talk about their experiences with county services. This is the second part in a two-part series on gauging Wake County’s efforts to help people facing homelessness.

Gauging Wake’s fight against homelessness

The recession continues and the news is rife with stories of struggles from board rooms to homeless shelters. Corporate cutbacks, unemployment extension and insurance losses abound, but how’s the recession impacting those who never had much to start with?

Studying language in South Park

The vocal chords of Raleigh’s urban community are being put under the linguistic microscope. Linguists from North Carolina State University, curious about language variation in the city’s population, particularly in the downtown African American community, are sending students into South Park armed with voice recorders and video cameras. They’re interviewing the residents who agree to speak with them about their experiences in the city.