Joe Bryan

District 1 Incumbent- Republican Joe Bryan is a financial adviser. He served as Knightdale’s mayor from 1995-2002. Was there a particular moment you realized you wanted to serve as a politician or was it more gradual? Bryan: I look at it as public service, rather than politics. It started out in the days of clubs in high school and then it was serving in the Navy.

Don Mial

District 1 Challenger- Democrat Don Mial is a Vietnam War veteran and was called up from the National Guard to serve in both Iraq wars. He works in the juvenile justice system. You have a very impressive military service record. You’ve participated in both Gulf Wars. How old were you this last time, when you got called up from the National Guard?

Lindy Brown

District 2 Incumbent- Democrat Lindy Brown is a clinical social worker and has worked in Wake County’s mental health care system. Do you remember having a moment when you realized you wanted to serve Wake County in the public arena? Brown: I do. Before I was elected county commissioner, I worked in developmental disability services. My department mainstreamed people with developmental disabilities, whether it be mental illness or substance abuse problems out in the community.

Paul Coble

District 7 Incumbent- Republican Paul Coble is a partner in an insurance brokerage firm. He has served as Raleigh’s mayor and on its city council. Do you remember being inspired to be an elected official? Coble: Yes. I was a new father and small businessman.

City election candidate profiles

Yard signs have started to go up in anticipation of Raleigh’s October 6 city election. The mayoral and all city council seats are up for grabs this year. Raleigh Public Record contributor Chrystal Bartlett sat down with each of the candidates and asked them the same set of questions.

Nancy McFarlane

Nancy Louise McFarlane
District A incumbent
Age: 52
Address: 8016 Selfridge Court
Hometown: Born in Washington DC, grew up in Falls Church and in Arlington, Virginia. How long Have you lived in Raleigh? Twenty-five years

What brought you to Raleigh? A job change. Actually, my husband was changing jobs.

Charles Meeker

Charles Carpenter Meeker
Mayoral incumbent
Age: 59
Address: 324 South Boylan Avenue
Hometown: I was born in Washington DC in 1950. How long Have you lived in Raleigh? I’ve lived here full-time since the summer of 1975, after I finished law school. I was here with summer jobs in 1970, 1972 and 1974. I didn’t live here full time until the end of May, 1975

What brought you to Raleigh?

Champ Claris

Robert “Champ” Champion Claris
At-large contender
Age: 31
Address: 1328 Palace Garden Way
Hometown: Born in Chapel Hill, grew up in Wilmington. How long Have you lived in Raleigh? Eleven years

What brought you to Raleigh? To be at N.C. State. I came to join the Wolfpack.

Mary-Ann Baldwin

Mary-Ann Baldwin
At-large incumbent
Age: 52
Address: 614 Capital Boulevard
Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

How long Have you lived in Raleigh? Twenty-one years

What brought you to Raleigh? My ex-husband. We moved down here from New York, his sister lived here. It was the place we wanted to be.

Rodger Koopman

John Rodger Koopman
District B incumbent
Age: 49
Address: 2214 The Circle
Hometown: Born in Willemstad Curacao, part of the Netherland Antilles and grew up in The Hague. How long Have you lived in Raleigh? Five years

What brought you to Raleigh? I belonged to a small startup software company in Alameda California, which was acquired by another company, Itron. As part of that acquisition they needed someone to re-organize their Raleigh office.