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Record Added to NC Press Association

Dear readers,
Journalism is changing – in some ways for the better, in other ways for the worse. Today I’d like to share with you one small development in that larger change that signals hope that we can hold on to the media institutions we need while adapting to the new realities of readership: The Raleigh Public Record is now a member of the North Carolina Press Association.


Introducing a new Raleigh Public Record column and saying happy birthday to Raleigh.

Looking forward to 2009

The Raleigh Public Record is continuing to grow and change for the new year. Not much has been posted over the past couple weeks, but we’ve been busy working on the site and organizing new contributors.

Change is in the air

The Raleigh Public Record, as you can see, is undergoing some changes. There may be some weirdness and down time over the next couple days. Sorry for any inconvenience. CDP