Heather Losurdo, left, after the results came in. She said she will ask for a runoff. Photo by Bill Massey.

Dems Power Back in the School Board

Diversity candidates needed to win all five seats up for grabs to retake control of the Wake County Board of Elections. They won four outright. In District 3 diversity supporter and incumbent Kevin Hill got the most votes but did not avoid the 50 percent cutoff to avoid a runoff.


Deep Pockets Support Redmond for Mayor

Billie Redmond claims her fundraising figures show she has the most widespread support but a Record analysis of campaign finance records shows she received almost half of her money from people with ties to development. Nancy McFarlane has the most donations of $50 or less. We talk to the candidates and take a look at what the numbers mean.

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Getting Voters Out in an Off-Year Election

Two years ago, 11.4 percent of voters in Wake County went to the polls for the Raleigh city council and school board elections. This year organizers hope the high profile school board race and an open mayoral seat will bring more voters to the polls.