Oak City Portraits: Hillsborough Street Construction

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If it seems like there’s a lot of construction taking place on Hillsborough Street right now, you’d be right! We take a look at the current status of three ongoing projects, including the Hillsborough Street Lofts, 2304 Hillsborough and the former Varsity Theater/Hillsborough Street Textbooks¬†soon to be H-Street Kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Oak City Portraits: Hillsborough Street Construction

  1. The work on Hillsborough Street Lofts seem to have stalled many months ago, with no progress since. Any idea what’s going on?

  2. Jeff,

    All I’ve heard are rumors, but apparently the architect, developer and contractor have had some differences over how to best proceed with the work on this job. One source told me they had heard the contractor will be replaced, but understand that information is second/third-hand. But having that giant crane on site is quite expensive, possibly in the neighborhood of $30/k per month!