Cyclists Honor Steve Jordan

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A photo of Steve Jordan is attached to the wheel of the ghost bike.

About 30 cyclists stood silently around a new white ghost bike Wednesday to honor a fallen rider.

Steve Jordan was killed during a ride on July 4 on Louisburg Road in northeast Raleigh.

Fellow cyclists and friends rode about two miles from the local police station to the location to honor Jordan, their fellow bike enthusiast and the state mental health director at the North Carolina Department Health and Human Services.

Timur Ender stands behind the ghost bike, holding a moment of silence for Steve Jordan.

As part of the ghost bike ceremony, Timur Ender made a plea to city officials saying, “North Raleigh has been neglected for bicycle infrastructure. We need more space.  This was one of the only connectors to the Neuse River.”

“Bikes are here to stay, they are not going anywhere,”  Ender said.

As folks pulled on helmets and adjusted seats prior to the ride, they talked about a fraction of second and what that can mean. Scott Reston said he rides often in the area  and has had close calls and he felt he needed to make this memorial ride, “because that could be me.”

The ghost bike, which is intended to be permanent, is considered a work of art, a memorial and a reminder.

Ender ended the short ceremony with the words,  “Take a moment, appreciate the beauty of life and … of cycling.”

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