Crucible Opens at Raleigh Little Theater

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Jim Zervas plays John Proctor and Kirstin Ehlert plays Abigail Williams in Raleigh Little Theater’s production of The Crucible, which opens Friday the 13th.

Zervas is also the technical director for the production. Theater Executive Director Charles Phaneuf told the Record that Ehlert “came through all of RLT’s education programs growing up.”

The theater gave the Record a sneak preview during a recent rehearsal and we can say that RLT’s education programs definitely paid off when it comes to Ehlert’s performance.

From RLT:

Arthur Miller’s searing parable of intolerance, vengeance, moral courage and mass hysteria, The Crucible, is destined to resonate for centuries to come. Set during the Salem Witch Trials of the late 1600s and using the names of actual participants, The Crucible is universally seen as an allegory of the McCarthy era and the demand to “name names” during the anti-Communist witch hunts of the 1950s. But the moral of the story is far more universal. There are moments in the play that hit today’s audience with the force of a breaking news bulletin. Barely 50 years after it was written, Miller’s play has assumed the stature of a much older masterpiece. “Its wisdom seems ancient, its scope Shakespearean.”

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