City Launches Crowdfunding for Bike Racks, Benches

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The City of Raleigh is giving crowdfunding a try.

From now through Dec. 31, residents can donate money toward two small city projects: upgraded bike racks and benches along the Neuse River Greenway.

The money will be collected by the City of Oaks Foundation and donations are tax-deductible.

City staff has just completed a separate project that prioritizes new bike rack locations throughout Raleigh. There is $20,000 already set aside to install 10 new, standard inverted-U shaped bike racks.

Residents have the option to donate money toward purchasing artistic racks such as those that around downtown Raleigh in the shape of the state outline, animals and more. The city will need an additional $6,500 for the purchase, installation, maintenance and fundraising fees.

While money has been set aside for new bike racks, no funding has been allocated for benches along the 28-mile Neuse River Greenway. The city would need to raise $ 7,800 to purchase, install and maintain 15 benches as well as cover the fees associated with the crowdfunding campaign.

Like many crowdfunding campaigns, the money would only be collected once the project has reached its funding goal.

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