Garner Red Route goes to Governor

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Red Route Bill Presented to Governor

The General Assembly handed House Bill 10 over to Gov. Pat McCrory Friday. The legislation would remove restrictions on studies of N.C. 540’s proposed “Red Route.” It would also scrap some other turnpike projects planned for other parts of the state. The bill passed in the Senate 44 to 5, with Democrat Dan Blue and Republican Chad Barefoot the only local dissenters. The House passed it 98 to 12, with local Democrats Rosa Gill, Yvonne Lewis-Holley, and Darren Jackson voting “no.” Local Republican Chris Malone had an excused absence. This particular route has become controversial due to its conflict with Garner’s development plan and its encroachment onto parks and recreation spaces.

Read a copy of the approved House bill.


Capital Punishment Divides NCGA along Party Lines

A new Senate bill would protect medical professionals who oversee executions, stating they could not be penalized or looked upon unfavorably by their professional boards. Senate Bill 306 would protect doctors or any other health care workers from receiving disciplinary or corrective measures from organizations such as the North Carolina Medical Board. It also states that administering or helping to administer a lethal injection (the state’s only method of capital punishment) is not considered the practice of medicine nor a surgical procedure. Furthermore, the sentencing judge would no longer have to specify a date for execution; it would be handled by the Department of Public Safety. The bill passed its third reading in the house 77 to 39, right along party lines. It is also divided across the aisle in the Senate, 33 to 14, with more discussion to take place Tuesday.

Review the Senate’s third reading.

One thought on “Garner Red Route goes to Governor

  1. So, can we expect this new found leniency to be extended to assisted suicide?

    After all, it’s no longer a medical procedure. Oh right… killing someone who wants to die is immoral. Hypocrites.