Development Beat: Mind Your Manors Monday

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Mind Your Manors Monday is a new feature that will take a look back at the previous week’s single-family and town home renovation and new building projects. 

This week, we’ve decided to add a much requested feature to this segment: infographics. We weren’t sure whether to go with one, all-inclusive graphic or separate ones for each section. We opted for the latter but may switch in the future.


48 new detached single-family dwellings received permits last week, more than double the week before. The new homes ranged in size and cost from a 1,271 square-foot, $140,169 house on East Jones Street to a 5,751 square-foot, $800,000 abode on Lewis Farm Road. DJF Builders Inc. will be handling this pricey project. The average cost of a new single-family home permitted last week was $285,789; the median was $280,274. The total cost of all those homes was $13,717,875. Size-wise, the largest house was not the most expensive: a giant, 7,078 square-foot home costing $513,406 will be coming soon to Wainscott Way. The total square-footage all of new single-family homes permitted last week was 137,074, while the average size was 2,855 SF.

In addition to these single-family homes, 17 new town homes received permits last week. 11 of them will be a part of the Thornton Commons development on Commons Townes Drive, range in size from 1,400 to 1,900 SF and will each be built for a cost of $90,000. The remaining six — all identically listed with a SF of 1,196 and a cost of $70,000 — will be built by Habitat for Humanity.


45 homeowners received a total of 50 renovation/addition permits last week at a total cost of $1,413,107. The average cost of each permit was $28,262 while the median cost was $17,900. The largest project, oddly enough, was a $140,000, 1,000 square-foot deck addition on Emerald Creek Drive in Brier Creek. The job will be handled by Robco Fence and Deck. For a point of reference, the cheapest single-family home built last week cost only $169 more than this deck extension. We hope their neighbors don’t succumb to deck envy.

The largest renovation project by square footage — an interior completion of two second-floor rooms — clocks in at 3,663 SF, but the work being done by Homes By Dickerson will cost the homeowners “only” $25,000. The total square footage involved in these renovations was 20,938 and the average size of a renovation project permitted last week was 418.


$Three homes received demolition permits last week and one of them — as has been the case for three weeks now — is related to the Litchford Road Apartments project we discussed last month. This home is located on Sylvia Dean Street and was built in 1958. The 1,200 square foot structure will be torn down by Taylor’d Lumber for $4,000. Taylor’d will also be handling another one of the three demolition jobs permitted last week, although they’ll be charging a little more: $16,100. The project is located on Briar Patch Lane, where a nearly 3,000 square-foot home built in 1971 will soon be demolished. The final demolition this week, by DJF Builders, is for a home built in 1953 and located on Randolph Drive. The 3,762 square-foot dwelling will be torn down for $10,000.

Best Work Description of the Week: “Habitat For Humanity — Typical” Earlier, we mentioned that six new town homes had received permits last week: all were listed at a cost of $70,000 and a size of 1,196 square feet and will be built by Habitat for Humanity. For those of you not familiar with Habitat, it’s a “Christian Housing Ministry” formed in 1976 with the goal of providing simple, affordable housing to low-income families. I volunteered once when I was much younger for a Habitat rehab project and think I’m pretty sure I accidentally wrecked the structural integrity of the home. Who gives a 14-year-old boy a sledgehammer, honestly? But I’m sure these new homes, which are part of an 11-lot development known as Empowerment Place off Lake Wheeler Road, will be built to a much higher standard. Considering the rapidly increasing cost of living in this area, we’re glad to see Habitat stepping in to lend a hand.


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  1. Are all the new homes going to be Three Car Garages with attached dwelling, like in the photo?