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Who wouldn't want to have access to this, even in December?

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mind Your Manors Monday is a new feature that will take a look back at the previous week’s single-family and town home renovation and new building projects. 

Today is Halloween, so if you missed our holiday-themed post on Friday, be sure to check it out here.


Otherwise, we’ll repeat the same disclaimers we issued last week for the new Mind Your Manors feature before we dive into the stats.

We’re still working out some of the kinks, so please let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions/ideas on how to improve it. Also, the City recently changed the format of the permits it releases, and we may have missed a few projects this week due to unfamiliarity with the new layout.

Additionally, we will continue on with the Development Beat tradition of not giving the names or exact addresses of private citizens. This isn’t a gossip or a society column. I’m no Ted Casablanca, after all.

One suggestion we received last week that we will be implementing soon will be infographics for all this data, we just didn’t have very much time available this weekend.

New Homes Built:  21 new detached single-family dwellings last week received permits ranging from $118,598 to $950,000. The median price for all new homes built last week was $376,719 while the average was $413,391. The median square footage was 3,549 and the average was 3,830. That near-million dollar home we mentioned was also the week’s largest project at 4,645 square feet, and will be built out by Williams Realty & Building. Located inside-the-beltline and just south of North Hills in the Lakestone neighborhood, this almost million-dollar home will be built on the lovely wooded lot pictured below.

The most expensive new home from last week was built on a similar piece of land

The most expensive new home from last week was built on a similar piece of land

Home Renovations: 30 homeowners received a total of 33 renovation/addition permits last week with a total cost of $1,157,416. The average cost of each permit was $35,073 while the median was a much lower $16,000. The average was driven up by a trio of $100k + renovations, the largest of which was a $150,000 addition to an existing single-family home. The work will be done by Yelverton Contracting. The other two large projects were nothing to be envious of, however, as both were described as fire damage repair jobs that will be done by Carolina Restoration and Caremaster LLC. The median square footage from last week’s projects was 280, but several projects were listed with zero square feet, such as a $5,775 “sealed crawl space” being done, appropriately enough, by a company named Crawl Space and Basement. The largest job by square footage is a 1,282 square foot second-story addition that will run the homeowners $50,000. The job will be done by ECI Custom Homes.

A second-story addition in progress

A second-story addition in progress

Home Demolitions: Three homes received demolition permits last week, although two of them are being torn down as part of the Litchford Road Apartments project we discussed last month. Two 80s-era homes on Sylvia Dean Street, owned by Litchford Properties since 2013, will be torn down in order to make way for the new 240-unit apartment complex. The two homes will be torn down by Holden House Movers for a total of $27,000. The third demo job is for a 2,198 split-level home first built in 1966. The house, which comes with a split-level basement undergo work described as “demo 1,099 SF up to basement” and “house move.” Whether this means the house will be relocated or if the permits are just written in an odd way we’re not sure. We’re assuming the former, as Wayne Oldman Son House will be doing whatever the work is for a mere $1,000.


Best Work Description of the Week: “Pool House with Outdoor Kitchen.” Originally we were going to say that late October seems like a bad time to build a pool house/outdoor kitchen combo, but considering it was 80 degrees this past Sunday, who knows. Besides, is there really ever a bad time to have an outdoor kitchen installed at your house? We’re guessing the answer is: no way. The lucky homeowners having this done are located in a just-outside the beltline neighborhood off Glenwood Avenue just west of the Crabtree Valley Mall. This $20,000 project for a 600 square-foot pool house & outdoor kitchen will be handled by Patriot Development.

Who wouldn't want to have access to this, even in December?

Who wouldn’t want to have access to this, even in December?

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