Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

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This looks incredible

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Despite having two weeks of permits to pore through, we struggled to find very many renovation jobs that were even worth mentioning.

Let’s put it this way: when the two most interesting projects we could find were a meat market at a Hispanic grocery store and something involving a German food truck at an existing pizza place, you’re probably better off just clicking over to our sponsor’s website and looking at all the pretty pictures of projects much more interesting than anything we’ll be discussing here.

H-Street Kitchen, July 2016, one of Rufty-Peedin's many projects

H-Street Kitchen

H-Street Kitchen, July 2016, one of Rufty-Peedin’s many projects

But enough stalling.

On September 9, a permit was issued for an addition/renovation at 2822 New Birch Drive in Raleigh. The existing building is presently home to All-Star Pizza, a well-reviewed neighborhood pizza joint offering NY-style pies to its southeast Raleigh patrons.

The permits, however, made no mention of All-Star, and instead described the work as “Kat-N-Around.” When I was initially looking through my ten-day trove of renovation permits, the name popped out to me, and I was really hoping it would be one of those coffee shops like they have in Japan where there’s just a ton of cats roaming around.

This looks incredible


This looks incredible

Unfortunately, Kat is the name of the proprietor of a German food truck, but on the bright side, the menu looks pretty great. I’ve never eaten there, but it looks like they travel around pretty regularly. Even if I wasn’t hungry enough for the Brat in a Pretzel Sub, I’d probably pick up a half-dozen of their German Pretzels. In fact, if they weren’t at Holly Springs at the time of this writing, I’d have taken that picture on the right myself, instead of, ah, borrowing it, from Yelp.

We couldn’t reach Kat in time for publication, and an employee of All-Star said they had no idea what I was talking about, so… who knows. Something is getting done there at All-Star: the property owners aren’t paying Imperial Design Build $22,000 for nothing. We just don’t know what that $22,000 something is.

Next up is a renovation for the meat market at the Lagos Supermarket at 5440 Atlantic Springs Road, a $25,000 job that will be handled by Benjamin Hale Builders. OK, so it’s not that interesting of a project, but one thing I like about this area is the plethora of “International” (usually Hispanic or Asian) grocery stores, where you can find all kinds of cool, sometimes weird and frequently gross stuff.

In fact, the International Foods near me sells not only “Mexican Coke” (Coca-Cola with real sugar vs. corn syrup) but real sugar versions of many different soda brands, many of them packaged in elegant glass bottles.

That aside, the “meat market” permit description caught my eye thanks to the Regina Spektor song ‘Dance Anthem of the 80s” where “meat market” is part of the refrain, although we don’t think she means an actual butcher shop. To go even further off track here, the music video for “Dance Anthem” is actually a bit of a disappointment, especially considering how perfect the video for her breakout single “Fidelity” was.

Posh Nosh, an award-winning “caterer for foodies” will apparently be relocating from its location on the 500 block of Capital Boulevard to a space at 1025 Whitaker Mill Road, although the total project cost — two permits were issued for the space — comes to an ominous $666,000. At least that means their Deviled Eggs are probably pretty good, right?

Alphin Design Build will be handling the fit-out of the new space.

As it happens, almost none of the 60+ nonresidential renovation permits issued over the previous two weeks took place downtown, although it should come as no surprise that one of the few DT projects is for a building owned by the prominent Empire Properties.

Another shot of the Dr Pepper Warehouse, because why not?

James Borden / Raleigh Public Record

The property on South Dawson

Pendo, a technology company that apparently raised $11 million in new funding last year, will be undergoing a small, $15,000 upfit at their offices at 418 S. Dawson that will be handled by Empire’s construction arm, Empire Hard Hat. Pendo moved in to the space earlier this year.

Our last project for today doesn’t actually involve any active permits, but the very nice people over at Group 3 Communications sent over a press release about a new location for Cary Orthopedics — which will soon be found right across the street from Krispy Kreme on N. Person St. As the building at 600 N. Person is currently home to a different orthopedic outfit, so we don’t imagine much work will have to be done beyond changing the signage and maybe adding some new furniture.

The press release didn’t mention any renovation work either.

The 600 North Person Street location will offer evaluation and treatment for general bone and joint pain, hand and upper extremities, sports injuries and degenerative conditions.

“The Downtown Raleigh office will help us meet the needs of our growing patient population,” said Michael Mazzella, chief operating officer at Cary Orthopaedics. “Over our 34 years in practice, we’ve expanded to multiple locations to provide convenience for our patients who come from all around the Triangle and beyond. The newest office is ideally located for those who live or work in downtown Raleigh.”

Sounds like Raleigh might finally be able to rank on Forbes’ prestigious “10 City Centers With the Best Access to Orthopedic Care” list. Sweet.

600 North Person: The perfect place to go when your back hurts because you pulled landscaping duty

600 North Person: The perfect place to go when your back hurts because you pulled landscaping duty

One thought on “Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

  1. The story about Cary Orthopedics was actually somewhat alarming. The solo practice at 600 North Person now is headed by Dr. Sarah Dewitt. She’s a popular foot specialist who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.

    The Cary Orthopedics website does not mention Dr. Dewitt in their press release about opening a Raleigh office. Her practice is always closed on Fridays and does not seem to have a website….