Development Beat: Renovation Roundup

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This looks like the kind of place Soul Reapers would meet to worship

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Although set in that foul city to the east known as Durham, the 1988 Kevin Costner classic “Bull Durham” included a scene shot in Mitch’s Tavern on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh.

Which made it acceptable, then, that one of the ABC Permits issued last week was for a temporary pop-up beer garden from the Bull Durham Beer Garden at CAM Raleigh at 409 W. Martin Street. Bull Durham Beer, which operates out of the ballpark in Durham, recently opened a new location at the Diamond View Three building, also in Durham. Since Durham is out of our jurisdiction, we’ll just link to a recent TBJ article about it.

The pop-up Beer Garden c/o the Bull Durham Beer Co.

The pop-up Beer Garden c/o the Bull Durham Beer Co.

Also undergoing an ABC Inspection last week was the new Glenwood South Pharmacy + Market, located on the ground floor of The Gramercy.

The Pharmacy + Market will offer just that and more: a full-service pharmacy, fresh groceries, a “beer cave,” and a coffee bar. Hard to beat having something like this on the ground floor of your apartment building. I live across the street from a Food Lion and I’m in there nearly every day; if all I had to do was go downstairs, I’d be stopping in every few hours.

Bent Tree Plaza today

Hunter & Associates

Bent Tree Plaza

The largest actual renovation permit from last week was for an exterior facade renovation at Bent Tree Plaza out in North Raleigh off Falls of Neuse. D.H. Griffin will be handling the $1 million+ project out there. We’re curious to see what this renovation will entail; whether it will be similar to the false facades they built out at the Trader Joe’s-anchored Holly Park shopping Center on Wake Forest Road, or will it be something else entirely?

When the Holly Park Shopping Center was renovated, the buildings were left the same but new facades were added.

Finley Design

When the Holly Park Shopping Center was renovated, the buildings were left the same but new facades were added.

Next up is a job we found a bit confusing at first glance: “Raleighwood Provisions” at 107 E. Davie Street in Downtown Raleigh. We’re all familiar with the Raleighwood movie theater out on Falls of Neuse; did this mean downtown was finally getting a new cinema house more than 30 years after The Ambassador on Fayetteville Street shut down?

The Ambassador Theatre

UNC Libraries

The Ambassador Theatre was located where Alexander Square stands today

Nope, but it will be getting a new “a fancy bodega-esque corner store” named Raleighwood Provisions. Oh. I wonder if they realize that Taz’s, the ultimate “bodega-esque corner store,” is located just two blocks to the north.

All we could find about the place was a Pinterest page and this admittedly cool logo from Emily Davidson posted on a site named “Dribbbler.” The Dribbbler page also contained that “fancy…store” description we posted above.


Technically this next job should probably fall under “new building” construction, but we’ll do another write-up once the actual building permits are issued.

On August 24, permits were issued for a retaining wall at the site of the future Soul Reapers Worship Center. We first wrote about this project way back in November 2015, and I noted at the time that it was “a contender for my favorite project title to date. Still holds true. Soul Reapers. Let’s put it this way: if a movie with this title came out, I wouldn’t even need to see a trailer: I’d be there opening night.

Unfortunately, when we looked a bit more into the congregation, it turns out their concept of “soul-reaping” is a little different from what we had in mind:

Welcome to Soul Reapers Worship Center International where our mission is to win back the lost souls with a vision to equip the saved to be kingdom minded and relevant in this world. We invite you to be our guest this Sunday and also to join us in the soul winning business. Reaping souls from every culture, every tribe, every tongue and every nation is what we do.

Sure, the last sentence could be a tagline for the Soul Reapers movie, but the rest of it, eh.

This looks like the kind of place Soul Reapers would meet to worship

This looks like the kind of place Soul Reapers would meet to worship

Finally this week, Tennessee-based contractors Bacon Construction will be building out Raleigh’s first location of plus-sized clothier Torrid at the Triangle Town Center Mall.

According to our friends at, this will be the plus-sized clothier’s 11th location in the state, including three in Charlotte.

Raleigh's first Torrid location will be built out by Bacon Construction

Raleigh’s first location of Torrid Plus-Size Fashion will be built out by Bacon Construction


Enjoy the holiday weekend folks, we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!

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  2. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, that comment was entirely off topic, unnecessary, and inappropriate for this website.

  3. Actually, Holly Park Shopping Center’s updates involved more than just the facades. If you look at the aerial photos going back to the 80s,
    you’ll see that the Trader Joes space used to be two separate buildings, and there were fewer stores along the southern perimeter. Also, the (intentionally?) confusing diagonal lanes in the parking lot didn’t exist.

    On another subject, I hope you’ll consider flagging the email address for “Granted” so future comments can be reviewed prior to publication. We’re not that kind of forum.

  4. Hi EMK,

    Good point about Holly Park – I think I was basing my assumptions off a blog post by someone who was involved with the project I was referring to, but I researched it for an older article and just brought it up in passing bc that architectural rendering cracks me up.

    I generally don’t like the concept of censoring comment sections, but you’re right that Granted’s comments were out of line with what people expect here. I figured responding myself would just legitimize it, so I’m glad someone else stepped in to say something.

    If you think I’m totally wrong on this, let me know!