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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Earlier this month, site plans were filed by Shail Homes/Shail Construction for the Lineberry Drive Apartments, a three-story, six-unit complex planned for a spot in southwest Raleigh.

At 10,899 square-feet, the apartment building will be the largest residential structure built to date by Shail, although a home named “The Regency” and located on Giovanni Court in Cary, comes in a close second at 10,200 square feet.

"The Regency" on Giovanni Court in Cary

Shail Homes

“The Regency” on Giovanni Court in Cary

For those curious about such a large but not curious enough to click through to the website: the Regency features two master bedrooms & bathrooms, a home theater, a library/study area, a special breakfast area not part of the kitchen and more.

The home theater at The Regency

Shail Homes

The home theater at The Regency

While the residences at Lineberry Drive won’t be quite as grand, five of the six units on the plans are described as “four bedroom or more.” The remainder is a two-bedroom.

The site plans, put together by Drye-McGlamery Engineering, don’t indicate exactly how the six units will divvy up the 10,899 square feet of available space spread across three stories. Assuming one person per bedroom, the Shail Apartments will be able to house a total of 22 residents, for whom the exact number of required parking spaces – 23 – will be provided. Stingy!

To be fair, it is a relatively small site: the property at 2531 Lineberry Drive comes in at a total of .77 acres. The lot is currently home to a small, single-story, single-family home first built in 1956.

The existing single-family home

Wake County

The existing single-family home

County records indicate Shail Homes purchased the land on May 17 of this year for a total cost of $102,000. The family Shail purchased it from had owned it for 11 years.

No demolition permits appear to have been filed for the existing home yet; this may occur once the site plan review process is completed. Either way, we’re sure Shail is a lot more excited about building up their new six-unit apartment complex than they are about tearing down the 60-year-old single-family home.

One bonus that probably won’t be included in the brochures for the Shail Apartments is the fact that Witch Hazel shrubs will be planted around the perimeter of the building. For those not in the know, Witch Hazel, a compound derived from the bark and leaf of the shrub, can be used to treat everything from bug bites and sunburn to easing a sore throat and preventing razor burn.

Site plans for the new Shail Apartments, which indicate that Witch Hazel shrubs will be planted around the perimeter

Site plans for the new Shail Apartments, which indicate that Witch Hazel shrubs will be planted around the perimeter

There’s actually a pretty handy list on a website titled “Natural Living Ideas” of 14 Reasons Why Witch Hazel Should Be In Every Home; at the bottom is a link to another click-baity piece titled “10 Epic Reasons You Should Put Witch Hazel on Your Face.

We’re not making this up; apparently witch hazel applied to the face can fight acne, nourish dry skin and reduce puffy eyes. Epic!


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  1. I think 2531 Lineberry Drive is in closer to SW Raleigh. Maybe your point of reference is different from my mine…