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A communications equipment shelter

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome back to another week of the Development Beat, where we’ll kick things off today with a look at a new, recently permitted storage facility off Capital Boulevard in North Raleigh.

Located specifically at 8740 Wadford Drive, the site of the new facility is close to the Sheetz convenience store facing the 8500 block (or so) of Capital Boulevard.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.21.31 AM

Wadford Storage will be made up of six traditional storage buildings. While most of them are one-story structures ranging in square feet from 1,200 to 6,900, Building A is set to come in at a total of 72,000 square feet across three stories.

In addition, a seventh building – G – will be constructed for the purpose of RV/boat storage. While Raleigh is certainly not lacking for storage units – we’ve recently reported on more than a few new ones that are either getting built now or have plans to start construction in the next months – this seems to be yet another industry that the City can absorb without becoming oversaturated. See also: mattress stores. It doesn’t matter how many of them get built; there always seems to be a market for it.

Rufty-Peedin Design Builders will be handling the $5,870,00 Wadford Storage job.

Also receiving new building permits last week was the similarly exciting new equipment shelter for Verizon Communications.

Located at 3655 Tarheel Club Road, the 339 square-foot shelter will be built for $70,000 by Horne Brothers Construction. Much like storage facilities, these equipment shelters are largely utilitarian and don’t offer much in the way of commentary or discussion.

A communications equipment shelter

A communications equipment shelter

That being said, we know this post is running a bit shorter than usual; we had plans for a different subject today but would much prefer to talk to to some of the people involved first. Our apologies.

In the meantime, please enjoy these Youtube videos where I remixed Sig Hutchinson’s “Bikeshare” speech from last week’s City Council meeting. Why did I do this? You try spending your weekends watching Council videos and tell me you wouldn’t want to branch out into something a little more fun from time to time. The lyrics are included below the videos.


BikeShare: By Sig Hutchinson

Any way you slice it, bikeshare is fun; it’s good if you’ve got lots of time or even on the run. Think of your favorite city, the ones we all like to go, bikeshare is there, ready for you to go to and fro.

70 cities in American are currently in the plan; the ones you expect, like DC and Boston, San Diego & San Fran — but there are other cities doing bikeshare that you think might would pass: there’s Oklahoma City, Spartanburg, Omaha and Charlotte, who are all kicking our…butts. 

BikeShare is good for tourists it’s good for citizens too, it’s good for our brand and the health of both me and you. It’s good for first-timers giving bikeshare a try; someday they might even say ‘A bike I will buy!’

It’s good for those who use it every day; for them it’s like play, grabbing a latte along the way. You can save money, it can make you smile, you can ride with a friend if you take transit it can take you, your last mile. It’s great for millennials and seniors too, for me and you, I think it will do. 

The plan is a buzz; everyone thinks so: from Wake Up! Wake County to to Advocates & Health in Action, everyone’s saying: Go! 

From the transportation folks like RTA and Joe, to the Downtown Raleigh Alliance saying ‘We’ll handle the operations, so please give us some mo’!” 

From millennials to urbanites and serving downtown, Matthew Tomasulo says ‘I’m down with downtown!’ So bring it around, we all love bikeshare and now it’s one vote away, it’s making Raleigh cool; let’s make it happen today!”


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