Cross Link Traffic Calming Project Voted Out of Committee

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The public works committee voted out the Cross Link Road traffic calming project with no action taken, as discussion centered on the Cross Link Road and Dandridge Drive intersection and the city plan to put a mini-round-a-bout there.

Councilor Eugene Weeks, the chair of the public works committee, said that he had been involved in the project, meeting with citizens and that the South citizens advisory council had been involved as well. Jason Myers, of city staff, gave the presentation on the topic.

The project is along Cross Link Road between Dandridge Drive to Garner Road in south Raleigh. The project dates back to 2012, with most of the planning work coming in 2014. A presentation was made to the South CAC on April 13 and interest was expressed for a multi-way stop. After a multi-way stop was deemed not feasible, there was outreach into the community through an open house and to Wake County Public Schools.

The project has treatments at five intersections, improved lighting, and extended bike lanes. At the intersection between Cross Link Road and Dandridge Drive, a mini-round-a-bout is being proposed. There are narrow medians approaching this intersection to help drivers stay in their lanes. The multi-way stop was deemed to be unfeasible at this intersection because the delayed time for drivers would be higher than the mini-round-a-bout and would be more likely to create crashes for pedestrians and drivers.

Resident Shares about the Lack of Speed Limit Signs on Cross Link Road

Councilor Weeks asked when the study was done and how large vehicles would handle the round-a-bout. Myers said the study was done in the afternoon and that it took the worst case volume during traffic hours. He added that large vehicles would be able to rise up on the round-a-bout as they passed through.

Kendra Gardner spoke about the concerns of the residents in the neighborhood. She talked about the need for pedestrian friendliness in the area and noted that the delivery trucks passing through the area would delay traffic. She added that there were no speed limit signs in the area.

“We got into a big debate about what the true speed limit was on Cross Link and do people assume … that they are traveling under the 45 mile-per-hour speed sign,” she said. “I think this is the most remedial traffic calming problem we can solve.”

“I think there are still some impending questions that can be answered,” she added.

Resident says Safety is a Concern and Project Needs to Happen ASAP

A number of options for calming traffic on Cross Link Road are available

City of Raleigh

A number of options for calming traffic on Cross Link Road are available

Deion Davis said anything the city does for traffic calming would get his vote. He talked about the speeding in the neighborhood and said safety for his children was a concern.

“My position is that anything we can do to further this along, we need to do ASAP,” he said.

Councilor Weeks asked if anything had been worked out with a store near the intersection that had a delivery truck. Myers said while they were not gung-ho about the project, they weren’t sufficiently concerned enough to advocate stopping the project. He added there had been talks about the delivery trucks possibly stopping further down Dandridge Drive to avoid blocking traffic.

Councilor John Odom directed staff to work on putting speed limit signs on the street.

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