Kay Crowder Approved to Fill Husband’s Council Seat

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City Councilors last week unanimously approved a resolution that would appoint Kay Crowder to her husband’s seat should his health prevent him from serving out the remainder of his term.

Councilman Thomas Crowder

Councilman Thomas Crowder

After announcing that he had “exhausted all options for a cure” for his testicular cancer at council’s September 2 meeting, Crowder requested that, if necessary, his wife be appointed to his seat representing District D.

Crowder is an architect and a Raleigh native who served on the Planning Commission before joining the City Council in 2003. For six terms, he has represented the people of southwest Raleigh’s District D and served the entire city as a staunch advocate for strict adherence to zoning codes and regulations.

Mayor Nancy McFarlane noted that, should the appointment of Mrs. Crowder be necessary, “it would guarantee seamless representation for the citizens of District D.”

Crowder had previously told council that,

“Kay has been much more than my life partner – she and I have discussed most major decisions I’ve made for the city I love.”

“She shares my perspectives on the programs, initiatives and vision for the citizens of southwest Raleigh.”

Crowder excused himself from voting on the motion and thanked the mayor and council for their decision.

“I hope my wife doesn’t have the opportunity to do that, but in case she does, I know she will do an excellent job,” Crowder said.

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