City Adopts New Zoning Code

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After three years of development and a year of review, Raleigh’s new zoning code is officially on the books.

But don’t pop the champagne cork just yet. The code isn’t completely finished.

City Councilors adopted the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Monday. The new zoning code will go into effect Sept. 1. The code will work alongside the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, which outlines the vision for the city for the next 20-plus years. The Comprehensive Plan sets the vision, while the UDO is the law that puts those ideas into place.

Although the UDO is approved, there are still some lingering issues that need more review and input from city planning staff. For example, the backyard cottage piece of the zoning code was left out, and Councilors say they will tackle that issue later.

Councilors will meet again a month after they have received the printed version of the code to make any changes.

Any changes after that will have to be done through the text change process.

In addition, the new zoning map is not yet done. City planners have been working on a zoning map for more than a year, but they still need a lot of public input.

Planning Director Mitchell Silver said the public can expect to see a draft map in about a year. The mapping phase will include plenty of public participation, he said. Silver said the adoption of that map will likely take another six months after it is released.

The UDO isn’t set in stone and the Council, or future Councils, can change things as they see fit.

The Record has been following the UDO since the beginning. Read more about the code.

One thought on “City Adopts New Zoning Code

  1. I certainly hope that Paula Raleigh is looked at as being rezoned. Two nightclubs located on this street play there music til 2.45 am every night of the week disturbing the peace and breaking the Raleigh city noise ordinance 12-5007 section C. Numerous tickets have been giving out,atleast 15-20 complaints a month from numerous families in my neighborhood and yet it still continues.Listening to someones music while trying to sleep in your bed at 1.30 am on a Sunday night is not a great way to live and that’s why I can’t understand why a nightclub would be giving a license to play loud music or even be zoned for such a thing when it is located less than 100 yards from a family neighborhood.PLEASE..can someone explain to me why we as a neighborhood cannot get any help from the city of Raleigh on this matter? Being born and raised here in Raleigh,a business owner, and home owner I am extremly frustrated and dissapointed in the city of Raleigh’s handling of this matter.