Final Stanhope Decision Delayed

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The fate of part of Hillsborough Street’s Stanhope development has been put on hold for another three weeks. Developers seem to be bending to the will of neighbors who want to see a five-story building instead of seven.

Attorney Robin Curin Tuesday asked Councilors to delay their vote until their next meeting, allowing the developer to revise the conditions that would limit the 79-foot-tall building to five stories. A Raleigh City Council committee last week rejected a proposal for a seven-story building of the same height on the site.

The future building on Hillsborough and Concord streets is part of a three-section Master Plan for the area. Developers originally wanted to build an 86-foot-tall building on the corner, but came down to 79 feet as a compromise with the neighborhood.

The 79-foot-tall building would be on the same visual level as the 74-foot Kerr Drugs building proposed for Hillsborough Street and Friendly Drive.

While neighbors seemed to agree on the physical height of the building, they opposed anything more than five stories, saying it would add too much density to an area already plagued by traffic problems.

Curin said in previous meetings the developer was unwilling to commit to a five-story limit because it would hinder his ability to find a user for the space. Curin said the developer had immediate interest in a seven-story building.

A final vote could come at the Council’s regular meeting at 1 p.m. Feb. 5.

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