Changes proposed for special trash pickup program

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A Raleigh City Council committee approved changes today to the Solid Waste Services Department’s Need Assistance Program, which provides special trash pickup for elderly or disabled residents who can’t bring their bins to the curb. The changes will require new people enrolling in the program to certify that they are unable to bring trash bins to the curb and that there is no one else living in the house to help.

The new rules, approved by the Public Works Committee, will also ask residents currently enrolled in the program to respond to a letter saying they are unable to move their trash to the curb. Those already enrolled in the system will be asked to make sure they need the system, but will not need to certify that they are disabled.

Frederick Battle, director of the Solid Waste Services Department, says changing the system could save the city $450,000.

New people enrolling in the system will have to have a doctor send a form to the city. The new rules will eliminate the age limit. Currently, anyone over 65 can enroll. Residents enrolled simply because of age will be grandfathered in and not lose the service unless they elect to. But going forward, people will not be able to enroll just because of their age.

The changes will go to the full council next week for a final vote.

Oakwood traffic calming

The Public Works Committee also approved removing two stoplights in the Oakwood neighborhood and replacing them with 4-way stop signs. The committee had more traffic calming measured on the table, but elected to hold them until the new council comes in next month.

Under the proposal, the stoplights at Oakwood Avenue and East Street, and at Bloodworth Street and Lane Street will be replaces will stop signs to slow down traffic moving through the neighborhood.

The proposal will go to the full council for approval on Nov. 17.

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