City Council preview: Tiered water rate system to be delayed

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Follow Raleigh City Council meetings live on the Raleigh Public Record’s Twitter page. Read the full agenda below.

Water rates

The tiered water rates system, which was supposed to by ready to launch December 1, is not ready yet. In a letter to council, the public utilities director says staff needs more time to work on the system and asks council to amend the water rate ordinance.. The proposed ordinance change will increase water rates for non-residential customers as planned, but leave water rates the same for residential customers. The amendment also leave the bi-monthly billing schedule in place until the public utilities department gets the new system workings.

Berkshire Downs annexation

At the last meeting, outgoing councilor Roger Koopman asked to revisit the Berkshire Downs annexation. The city annexed the subdivision in January and then pushed the effective date back to the end of the year because residents said they would have a hard time paying the fees associated with joining the city. In April of this year the city council denied a motion to repeal the annexation. It is unclear if the city council has the statutory power to reverse the annexation this long after it’s approval. Read all the backup information compiled by city staff for the council debate here.

From the consent agenda:

Items on the consent agenda can be passed with one motion or individual items can be pulled for debate and a vote.

Hydroelectric project for Falls Lake

The city wants to put hydroelectric generators on the Falls Lake Dam. City staff needs council approval to submit a preliminary application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee. In a letter to the city manager, Public Utilities Director Dale Crisp says this application is in response to an application from a private company, Community Hydro LLC, to do a similar hydroelectric project. Crisp said the city would have three years to do the preliminary work if the application is approved. In that time, the letter says, the city could find an equity partner to fund the project.

Parking pay stations

More parking pay stations are coming to town, 193 to be exact, at a cost of $1.6 million. City council gave the city manager the authority to negotiate a contract with Duncan Parking Technologies Inc. in August, and now the manager is bringing the contract back to council for final approval.

Bus donation

The Raleigh Fire Department wants to give one surplus 1981 International Bus to the Dragon Slayers Motorcycle Club. The agenda says the club is “a non-profit organization comprised of firefighters who perform numerous acts of charity in our community.”

City Council Agenda Oct 20

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