Preview: Council talks stimulus April 7

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Note: Follow the city council meetings live with the Raleigh Public Record Twitter feed.

The Raleigh City Council has a couple of stimulus-related items coming up for discussion during its April 7 meeting.

The federal stimulus funds could come to the city through the state in the form of loans or grants. The state has a large program to fund drinking water and water infrastructure projects. Eligible projects could get up to $3 million. The loans have a 50 percent forgiveness rate, the other 50 percent has zero interest. The city council has to pass a resolution to arrange to finance its part of the water projects in order to apply for the money.

The Raleigh projects are:

Solar Powered De-stratification Mixers on Lake Benson – $392,000
Solar Powered Potable Water Storage Tank Mixers – $1,846,232
Lake Johnson Dam Improvements – $3,780,000
Crabtree Creek North Bank Interceptor Sewer Replacement – $11,000,000
Cemetery Branch Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Replacement – $2,876,581
Southeast Beaverdam Creek Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Replacement – $2,000,000
Southeast Raleigh Reuse Distribution System Expansion, Phase 3 and 4 – $7,000,000
Dempsey E. Benton Water Treatment Plant Backwash Waste Facility – $6,300,000

The city is slated to receive $11.6 million in stimulus money for the new Capital Area Transit facility on Poole Road. To meet the deadline for funding, the council needs to speed up the zoning process. To that end, the council could approve a special joint hearing with the Planning Commission on May 5.

Other notes

Water and sewer rate hikes are back in front of council this week. The rates came up during the last meeting, but were put off for further study. Council could increase the rates by 17 percent. Read the report to council here.

The comprehensive bicycle plan, not to be confused with the 2030 comprehensive plan, is back to council for a final vote. Read earlier coverage of the bike plan here and here.

Council is expected to pass a new resolution requiring helmets and knee and elbow pads at city-run skate parks. Read the report and the proposed resolution here.

City Council Agenda 4-7

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