November 18 City Council preview

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A joint hearing with council and the planning commission tops tomorrow’s city council agenda. TC-19-08 would require single-family homes or infill lots being converted into multi-family use, such as houses being converted into apartments, to go before the planning commission and approved by council.

On the continuing Hillsborough Street roundabout saga, city staff will recommend council initiate condemnation proceedings on four properties. The agenda says, “Negotiations, thus far, have been unsuccessful.”

The properties are:

HBS Properties, LLC
2020 Hillsborough St.

SKS Properties, LLC
2400, 2414, 2420 and 2430 Hillsborough St.

Jerry A. Hailey, Jr.
201 Groveland Ave.

Raleigh Hillsborough, LLC
2316 Hillsborough St.

And negotiations are still ongoing with John Wardlaw at 2008 Hillsborough St. But council could approve a condemnation if a negotiated property exchange doesn’t work out.

Moving from roundabouts to carousels and Ferris wheels, council is expected to approve a report from the Historic Districts Commission to designate the Chavis Park carousel as an historic landmark. But city staff is recommending council reject a proposal to put a Ferris wheel in Pullen Park. The agenda says that if council wants to pursue the Ferris wheel, it should be added to the master plan and council should collect public comment.

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