Development Beat: Lake Boone Trail Update

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A rendering of the new CVS

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One of the more popular posts we did last year was on the redevelopment of the Villages at Lake Boone near Rex Hospital.

The Villages at Lake Boone Trail

James Borden / Raleigh Public Record

The Villages at Lake Boone Trail

A significant portion of the apartment complex is scheduled for demolition, and will eventually be replaced with a mix of retail, office and high-end residential. When we wrote the report back in September, we didn’t have much in the way of specifics when it came to what businesses would be opening on the property.

A recently filed site plan, however, has given us a brief glimpse into what’s to come: a new 24-hour CVS, store number 10863.

Situated on the corner of Lake Boone and Landmark Drive, the 11,945 square-foot pharmacy is being developed by Hart-Redd Realty, based out of Tennessee. Funny enough, Hart-Redd has on their website the logos of some of its major clients: McDonalds, CVS, Kroger and…Blockbuster Video. When’s the last time a new Blockbuster got built? 1998?

Either this store's been abandoned for a long time, or the employees watched "Jumanji" one too many times


Either this store’s been abandoned for a long time, or the employees watched “Jumanji” one too many times

And it’s not just the logo; they even work it into the company description:

Over the past 20 years, Hart-Redd, LLC has developed in excess of 3.5 million sq. ft. of retail space. These projects include 12 shopping centers anchored by The Kroger Company, various non-anchored specialty retail, more than 180 CVS Pharmacies, and multiple developments for other single tenants, including McDonald’s and Blockbuster Video. 

Might be time to let this one go fellas. Blockbuster’s gone, and it ain’t comin’ back.

Hart-Redd has developed a number of CVS locations, including several in Tennessee and one on Greenville, NC.

The site plans drawn up by Kimley-Horn indicate the store will be accompanied by a total of 65 parking spaces, which seems like a lot. Only 40 are required, but let’s face it: if you drive up and see there’s 30 cars in the parking lot of a CVS, you’re probably just going to hit up one of the other six drugstores within a half-mile radius instead.

Site plans for the new CVS

Site plans for the new CVS

The plans don’t give much of a clue as to what’s getting built around the CVS, although one notation does indicate that the parcel to the immediate west is designated as retail: bank. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything though, so it’s pointless to speculate. But one retailer we’re pretty sure won’t be opening up in this new development? Blockbuster Video.

A flier put out by Thalhimer for the property indicates there will be at least three additional retail developments situated just to the west of this new CVS, which is being designed by Norr Architects & Engineers out of Michigan.

A rendering of the new CVS

A rendering of the new CVS

2 thoughts on “Development Beat: Lake Boone Trail Update

  1. I thought I read on here a few months back that one of the spaces was going to be a Panera? If true I can’t say I’m excited about either project. Overpriced mediocre soup and sandwiches, yay!

  2. Sad to see the overgrown BlockBuster store. I remember the day Kier Lobeck (sp?) was shot in the parking lot after closing up that store. Even sadder.