Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts Budget Transfer

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Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts Budget Transfer

Transfer From:

Advertising: $3,000

Promotions: $6,000

RCC/PAC Group Sales Comm: $23,000

RCC/PAC Group Sales Exp: $10,000

RCC/PAC Series Newspaper Ads: $85,000

RCC/PAC Newspaper Advertising: $175,000

RCC/PAC Production Exp: $12,000

RCC/PAC Catering/Entertain Ex: $5,000

RCC/PAC Program Exp: $3,000

RCC/PAC Decorating Exp: $1,000

Event Equip: $5,000

RCC/PAC Labor Expenses: $36,000

RCC/PAC Performance Fees: $188,000

Total: $552,000

Transfer To:

Producer Profit Exp: $257,000

Producer Profit Exp: $295,000

Total: $552,000

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