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The Alexander Place Shopping Center

Monday, February 1, 2016

We’ve only got one legitimate new building project to look at this week, but thankfully it’s something pretty exciting: a brand-new, five-story parking deck on NC State’s Campus. Our only hope is that the traffic generated by this breathtaking subject matter doesn’t crash the website.

The ABB Corporate Research Center

The ABB Corporate Research Center

Owned by the City of Raleigh, the 99,217 square-foot five-story deck will be located at 2411 Research Drive, near the ABB Corporate Research building. The deck will be built by Danis Construction Company for $2,850,000.

Danis Construction is also handling the $8.9 million, 104,020 square-foot Center for Technology and Innovation on Centennial Campus.

If that was all we had to talk about, this would go down on record as the shortest Development Beat I’ve ever posted. Considering it’s also coming a few hours later than usual, that’d be doubly embarrassing. Fortunately, some retaining wall permits were issued for a spot on Glenwood Avenue out in Brier Creek.

Any regular reader is familiar with our theory that new building permits follow extensive retaining wall projects just as sure as spring follows the winter. The project in question here is located out at 10200 Glenwood Avenue, next to the Alexander Place shopping center, home to a Wal-Mart, that, incidentally, received renovation permits just last week.

The Alexander Place Shopping Center

The Alexander Place Shopping Center

The retaining wall work is for a planned multifamily development that would contain a maximum of 288 units. The rezoning case that paved the way for this development, was recommended for approval in the November 2014 by the local Citizens Advisory Council. A public hearing was held in January 2015.

The apartments are, naturally, being developed by Davis Development, and built by Delta Development. The owners of the adjacent Alexander Place Shopping Center are DDR. Don’t feel bad if you get them confused, because I did in the original version of this post.

OK so that was still a little shorter than usual, but we’ve got a few good things coming up this week, including a look at what the Planning Commission’s been up to and an update on the Hillsborough Street Revitalization project.

5 thoughts on “Development Beat: New Building Report

  1. Not a big deal, but the Moes, Panera, and Starbucks are on the opposite side of Brier Creek parkway as the labels that are covering up Wild Wing, and Bank of America.

  2. This article is inacurate. Alexander Place is a Joint Venture property owned by TIAA and DDR. The WalMart is a company owned parcel independent of the site.

  3. Frank,

    I got the map from the developer’s web site, and while it’s definitely at a weird angle, I tried comparing it with Google Maps and it seems right. Panera, Moe’s, Cold Stone are all next to each other in the Alexander Place shopping center. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong?


    Thanks for catching that. I saw Delta Development North Carolina as the contractor and DD Alexander Place as the owner, I figured they were both LLCs tracing to DDR. I thought I checked up on this but obviously not!

    As for the Wal-Mart, yes, corporate parent owns the building, but that store is still considered part of Alexander Place, right?



  4. The labels for Panera, Moe’s, and Starbucks have (difficult to see) dotted lines pointing to their correct location south of Brier Creek Parkway. Walmart is not located in the middle of all those trees…

  5. Brad,

    I think we are in agreement. The dotted lines show the Panera et. all to be located “in front” of the Wal-Mart on that map. On a normal map, the Wal-Mart is located, essentially, southeast of those shops, but either way, they are all within the Alexander Place Shopping Center.