Development Beat: Teardown Tuesday

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Today’s Teardown Tuesday topic traces back to a project we first talked about in November of last year; a new Breeze Thru gas station in Southeast Raleigh.


In late October, demolition permits were issued for the carwash, but not the convenience store itself. We predicted (accurately!) at the time that more permits would have to be issued before this job was finished. Specifically, permits would have to be issued for the demolition of the existing convenience store.

On January 21, Sela Building Corporation received demolition permits for the demolition of the 1,440 convenience store first built in 1981. The permits were valued at $10,000.

The carwash demolition, also handled by Sela, was listed at a mere $4,000.

The Cary Oil Company has owned the now Citgo-branded gas station since 1979. It is likely that the new Breeze Thru will operate under the Citgo banner as well, as the other two Breeze-Thrus in Raleigh are associated with this brand as well.

According to the Facebook page for Breeze Thru Markets, this will be store No. 66 for the chain; it will be the third Breeze Thru in Raleigh.

According to a number of online reviews, Breeze Thrus are apparently known for their relatively cheap gas and a cash discount that gives customers 5 cents off per gallon.

From Breeze Thru's Facebook page

Breeze Thru Markets

From Breeze Thru’s Facebook page

Pretty good deal. However, the most helpful review by far we were able to find was posted on Foursquare in October 2011 by Jeremy Bobbit. Of the Leesville Road Breeze Thru in Raleigh, Bobbit wrote: “The clip that holds the gas handle down is broken on pump 2.”


On December 31, the chain posted the following on its Facebook page:

We’re looking forward to 2016, and serving you at our newest location: Breeze Thru #66, 3405 Poole Road, Raleigh!

How’s the construction of the new store going? See for yourself! Removal of the existing canopy and gas dispensers, as well as demolition of the old store, are scheduled to take place soon. We’ll need that space for our new fuel presence!


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