Southwest CAC March 10, 2014 Meeting Agenda

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  1. Welcome

Be sure to sign the sign-in sheet and fill out a free raffle ticket for a door prize!

  1. Police Report

Update on police calls for the last month and address questions from attendees

  • Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Report
  1. Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Report
  2. Overview of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources System Plan- This System Plan will shape the direction, development and delivery of our parks for the next 20 years!

Dale Tiska, Program Coordinator- Park Planner

  1. Public Works Department Update: Chapanoke Road Intersection

Jed Niffenegger, Senior Transportation Engineer

VII. Announcements and Neighborhood Updates VIII. New Business IX. Community Services Department Update X. Door Prize Giveaway XI. Adjourn Next meeting: Monday, April 14, 2014, at 7 p.m.

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