Northwest CAC September 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC NW Raleigh Police Station September 9, 2014 – 7:00 p.m.

Secretary: Suzette Harrington


Residents 26

Staff                4 (Community Services -1, Police –

2, PR&CR -1)

Presenters 6


Chair, Jay Gudeman opened the meeting.

Raleigh Police Department Crime Report

Capitan Carrigan and Sgt. Johnson provided the crime report for NW Raleigh. For the months of June, July and August crime was down 15% from last year. Vehicle break-ins are up slightly due to personal possessions left visible inside of cars, unlocked doors or keys left in the ignition. As a reminder to all residents please remember to remove all valuables from your car and/or keep your door locked. Over all NW Raleigh has the lowest crime in the city.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Director Alicia Lacombe of the Lake Lynn Community Center talked about upcoming events at the center and throughout the city. She made residents aware that ducks are not supposed to be fed in Raleigh parks anymore, based on results of an NC State study, and distributed informational brochures on the topic. On October 24th there will be a 5 Run K for Anti-Bullying. For information on upcoming events, go to

Vote on Zoning Case Z-21-14-Brier Creek Common Shopping Center

Mike Burch of Morningstar Law and Brian Purdy returned to the NW CAC meeting and provided a brief overview of the proposed changed to Brier Creek Commons Shopping Center. Residents in attendance voted 20-yes to 0-no for the zoning case to move forward.

Traffic Signals in Raleigh – Installation and Management

Jeff Niffenegger and HP Humphry from the Department of Public Works talked to the process on traffic signal installation throughout the city. First, there are 620 signals across the city that are inspected yearly. Consultants assist the department with the process. This it to determine the channelization of traffic and make adjustments where needed to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly.

Wooten Meadow Park Master Planning Process

Matt Keough, Project Mgr. of Design & Development from PR&C along with Graham Smith, Kara Peach and Melissa Salters spoke to residents about how the city is committed to bringing the park back to life. Over the last few years, the city has performed several analyses on the park and promises that 15 months from now there will be a plan to city council, developed with the help from the citizens.

Melissa Salters is the Land Stewardship Coordinator; she’s been with the city for 6 years. She informed residents about system plan integration and existing reports.

Graham and Kara will be working with the community in the process to bring the park vision to life. They are looking for residents to volunteer for different (unpaid) positions, and invite those who have the time and dedication to participate. To participate or to get more information, go to

New Business

Z-24-14 — 3109 Globe Road Annexation and Rezoning

Craig Dean and Julie Shrek of Craig Dean Architecture, PLLC gave a brief overview of the proposed rezoning/annexation of a privately owned residential rural property from Durham County to Wake County at some point. This privately owned property is currently R6 which is a low density residential area. They’ll be retuning in October to provide more information.

Adjournment: 8:40p.m.


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