Northwest CAC March 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC Suzette Harrington

NW Raleigh Police Station March 10, 2015 – 7:00pm


6 (Community Services, Raleigh Police Department, Raleigh Housing & Neighborhood

Preservation, Raleigh IT Department, Department of City Planning)

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Welcome & Introductions

Chair, Jay Gudeman introduced staff and welcomed residents to the meeting.

Raleigh Police Department Crime Report Officer Cochran and Sgt. Johnson briefed the residents on crime in the NW region of the city; as of today the NW still holds the lowest crime reported in the city. One main question was “What phone number should be used in a non emergency situation”? It was advised to continue to use 911 as the 911 center will prioritize the call. Also with the weather changing what type of precautions should one take to prevent theft? The recommendation was to continue to keep doors locked and items put away and not left visible in cars.

Parks. Recreation and Cultural Resources No report this evening. To keep up with what’s happening within PR&C please use the website www .parks .raleighnc. gov .

Raleigh Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Department

No report. The new Housing and Neighborhood Preservations Inspector for the NW CAC, Mr. James Riggs, was introduced. He will come back for a report to our next meeting.

The Community Digital Inclusion Project Linda Jones from the City of Raleigh IT department presented the Community Digital Inclusion Project. The purpose of the project is to provide access to technology to every Raleigh resident. Being connected means that communities have access to the resources that they need to thrive. The city’s IT Department has a program for kids ages 14-21 that will last for 9 months. The program will teach best practices, safety and life skills among other tilings. There is an application process that will be available starting in May. Also, there will be surveys randomly sent to Raleigh residents via email or a paper copy in the mail.

The survey will also be available at a number of events in the city. The goal is to get an idea of what technology access looks like within the communities so that future outreach programs can be planned. For more information on the Digital Inclusion project contact Brittney Cofield-Poole at 919-996-4655 or .

Presentation on Zoning Case Z-3-15 Leesville Road Lance Williams presented his plans for the rezoning of 11904, 1200 and 1204 Leesville Road. The application is to rezone the 5.4 acre property from R- 1 to R-6. The surrounding communities Harrington Grove, Dominion Park and David Weekly Homes are zoned as R6. This project will create about 25 more homes connecting to Leesville Ridge. Mr. Williams has partnered with Terramor Homes to build homes along the lines of the Silver Collection. For more information see: s/Zoning/Rezoning/RezoningCases/2015/Z-003- 15.pdf and collection.

The presentation on Zoning Case 13120 Strickland Road was postponed, as requested by the developer.

Vote on Zoning Case Z-34-14 – 5901 Creedmoor Road & Jeffrey Grove School Road Jon Wright and Ted Van Dyk of the New City Design Group returned to the CAC for a brief overview of the rezoning project and to get a vote on their project slated to be at Creedmoor and Jeffrey’s Grove School Road. The rezoning request for the 1.6 acre property is from R-4 to OX-3-CU. Neighbors continued to voice concerns about traffic increase in this area already challenged by school and Creedmoor traffic. Ted Van Dyk suggested that neighbors contact him with their particular concerns and suggestions they may have for the project that might ease their concerns. A vote was taken, and 3 residents voted ‘Yes’, 9 residents voted ‘No’ and 1 resident abstained.

Light Refreshments and the opportunity for residents to provide input.

Adjournment: 9:00p.m.

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