Northwest CAC June 11, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC June Minutes by Suzette Harrington

Northwest Police Station June 11, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.


Residents 23

Staff                3 (Community Services -1,

Police -1, Inspections – 1) Presenters 2


Chair, Jay Gudeman opened the meeting.

Raleigh Police Department Crime Report Captain Carrigan was unable to provide the crime report for the Northwest area because the city is currently upgrading their reporting system. He explained the difference between how the old system works versus the new system. With the new system in place, it will allow for a higher level of accuracy in report future crime reports.

A passionate group of residents from the Laurel Hills area have concerns regarding traffic calming in their neighborhood. They came to voice their concerns on the current process. They would like to change it to include everyone in the neighborhood that it will affect. Traffic calming will be put on the agenda for the July meeting.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Shawsheen Baker from the Design Development division of PR&C discussed the proposed upgrades that are slated for the parks in Northwest Raleigh. Such upgrades will include lighting, libraries, trails, picnic shelters and fencing. One unique park that the Northwest region has that others don’t is Umstead Park, which is a state park.

We have the following in our area for residents to enjoy as well:

  • – Community Parks
  • – Neighborhood Parks 2 – Special Parks

7 – Playgrounds 15 miles of greenway

The main priority of Design and Development is to maintain and upgrade what’s already existing.

Q – Is there an opportunity for citizens to provide input on the development of their parks or community centers?

A – To provide input, citizens can visit the city of Raleigh’s website for upcoming meetings.

Jung Kim from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services gave a presentation on bedbugs. Bedbugs are very flat, yellow and brown in color and can live for 3 months without feeding. 98% of bedbugs are found in apartments and 67% in clutter. Mr. Kim says to kill bedbugs there must be several treatments before you can get rid of them. They can be removed by chemical or heat. A professional is your best bet to destroy these creatures. For more information visit

Open Floor for Resident

Traffic calming – concerns about the city’s


  1. Notification to neighborhood residents
  2. Request that Tom Fiorello from Public Works give a presentation on traffic calming at the next meeting and that Councilor Bonner Gaylord also be invited to be available for discussion with residents.

Adjournment: 9:15p.m.


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