Northwest CAC January 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC – January 13, 2015 7:00 p.m. Northwest Police District Building Do rothee Schmid


Residents 6

Staff 2 (Community Services -1) Presenters 4


Welcome by Chair J. Gudeman. Introductions. Raleigh Police Department Crime Report

RPD Officer Cochran reported that crime rates are down. Burglary is the most common offense (down 9% – 184 of2000 citywide in 2014). Other more frequent offenses: larcenies from motor vehicles.

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources No report.

Raleigh Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Dept. Report

No report.

Blair Hinkle, Raleigh’s Stormwater Program, Ben Brown, Ralei gh’s Developm ent Review Section, & Chris Stanley, Raleigh’s Drai nage Petition Program: Neighborhood Draina ge & Stormwater Development Standards.

Blair Hinkle, Stormwater Program Manager, introduced the presenters from the city’s Stormwater Management Division, and acquainted residents with Raleigh’ s history in relation to drainage infrastructure and stormwater manage ment.

The seven major service areas of the city’s stormwater management program include:

  1. Capital Improvement Program
  2. Drainage Petition Program
  3. Development Review & Inspection
  4. Water Quality Program
  5. Business Services
  6. Administration
  7. Transportation Field Services Neighborhood drainage issues (flooding, aging/failing infrastructure, and erosion), drainage petition program specifics as well Capital Improvement Program projects were presented by Chris Stanley.

Ben Brown offered an overview of Raleigh’s Development Review and Inspection Services detailing statutes and regulations with regards to runoff during construction and maintenance of BMP (Best Management Practices) after development.

Contact Ral eigh’s Stormwater Management at 919-996-3940 or in case of flooding, erosion, sink holes,

infrastructure failure, illicit discharges or illegal dumping. More information on the division can be found at: ksStormwater/Articles/StormwaterUtilityMa inPage.html.

Adjourn: 9pm


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