Northwest CAC February 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC Suzette Harrington
NW Raleigh Police Station Feb. 10, 2015 — 7:04 pm
Residents 16
Staff 6 (PR&C -2, Planning -1, NSD -1, PU-1) Presenters 5
Vice Chair, Doro Schmid opened the meeting.
Raleigh Police Department Crime Report
Officer Cochran gave a brief update. There was no printed report; not much has changed and things are quiet for the most part. Ve hicle break-ins at apartment comple xes unfortunately are steady because of the density and people leaving personal items vi sible in their cars. This trend has not escalate d in residential communities, however. Officer Cochran highly recommended not leaving firearms in cars as several have been stolen lately.
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resource s
Director Alicia LaCombe of the Lake Lynn Community Center informed us that camp registration has now started. You can also register for afterschool and tracking out until 3/16. Basketball and Kickball for adults are starting in March. For more information and a complete listing of programs visit the web site www.parks.raleishnc.sov .
Raleigh Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Department
No repo rt.
Upcoming Changes to the Cross Connection Ordinance and Handbook, Opt-in Testing Program for Residential Irrigation Customers, & Backflow Testing
Cross Connection Program Coordinator Joanie Hartley of Public Utilities presented information on Irrigation and Backflow. Cross connection is any actual or potential connection between the City’s public water supply and a source of contamination o r pollutio n. Cross connections leave our water system open for the possibility of a backflow incident . Backflow is the reversal of the normal flow of water in a system due to backsiphonage or back pressure. A garden hose or hose connection to a sink can act as a straw allowing undesirable liquids to be drawn into the water supply by backsiphonage. For solutions, prevention methods and more detailed information on the require ments foi residential and businesses in the city of Raleigh visit les/Cros sConnectionControlProgram.html, or email www.cross.connection^raleighnc. eov .
Raleigh Arts an d Plan: Milestones for its Development and How Can You Get Involved
Gerald Bolas, Executive Director, Office of Raleigh Arts presented information on how his office manages the arts throughout the city. Their goals are the following: – Grow participation citywide
– Encourage support
– Increase economic impact
– Amplify public and private investment In February & March 2015, the focus of the office is to gain input from citizens on the Raleigh Arts Plan via surveys, an interactive website and focus groups/interviews . Community Conversations provide opportunities to start a conversation about art and to share answers with the Office of Raleigh Arts. Visit for more information. Public participation is highly encouraged!
Vote on Zoning Case Z-37-14-7850 Brier Creek Parkway
Mack Paul of Morningstar Law and Brian Purdy returned to the NW CAC meeting and provided a brief overview of the 7850 Brier Creek Parkway rezoning case . City Planner Doug Hill was also in attendance and provided information on the case in response to residents’ questions. After a Q & A period, the vote was held. Residents in attendance voted 6-yes to 4-no, with 2 abstentions. The case will now move forward to the planning co mmission.
Zoning Case Z-34-14 – 5901 Creedmoor Road &
Jeffrey Grove School Road
Jon Wright, new city design group, gave an overview of the rezoning apphcation. The petition is for rezoning from the current R4 to OX-3-CU. The maximum building height allowed under OX-3 will b e a 3 story building. Conditions offered are office space limited to 33,000 sq. ft. and no more than 4,000 sq.ft. of retail space. A traffic easement for bus transit is also offered. A resident in attendance had major concerns about the traffic impact and other issues that will impact her directly. She lives 20ft. from where the project is proposed and safety is a huge concern for her. Traffic to and from school is already backed up into Creedmoor Road twice a day, and residents did not think that the area can handle additional traffic. Doug Hill was in attendance and responded to questions from residents in place of City Planner Ekstiom, who was not available this evening.
Hyatt Hotel Site Plan Up date
Bill Daniel gave a short presentation to introduce the new Hyatt Hotel planned for 10030 Sellona Street in the Brier Creek area. It win be located between one already existing hotel, and one that is curre ntly being built. The plan was already presented to the Appearance Commission.
New Business/Old Business
The CAC chairs asked residents in attendanc e to approve the use of CAC funds for light refreshments for the March 10 CAC meeting. A motion was made by Michelle Andras, and seco nded by Carolyn Solomon to approve the use of funds for this purpose. All residents still in attendance voted ye s (9), and the motion was carried.
Adjournment: 9:0 5 p.m.

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