Northwest CAC August 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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August 12, 2014 Northwest CAC Suzette Harrington, Secretary NW Raleigh Police Station @7:00pm


Residents-19 Staff – 3 Presenters – 3

Welcome by Vice Chair Doro Schmid

Raleigh Police Department

The Raleigh PD is looking for residents who would like to become a police officer. For more information go to

Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources

Registration for fall activities are ongoing. To register or for information go to

Raleigh’s Housing and Neighborhood Preservation Department Report

Bryce Abernathy gave a report on neighborhood foreclosures in our area. Harrington Grove has a property located at 5504 Crossfield, which is currently in foreclosure. This property has been cleaned up and will be maintained until it’s sold.


Tonight was the first meeting with Brian Purdy and Michael Birch of the Morningstar Law firm with the residents of NW CAC to introduce future plans for Brier Creek Commons Shopping Center. The proposal is for 36 acres of land to be developed at Brier Creek Pkwy., and Arco Drive. The request is for both retail and residential community which is currently a legacy zoned area (TD CUD with AOD & SHOD-2). The petition is to rezone to CX-5-PL-CU with AOD & SHOD-2, a community mixed use category. The PL (Parking Limited) designation is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan, which would require PK (Parkway). The applicants see the PL designation more in line with the planned extension of bus transit in the area.

Nominations and Vote on the NW CAC’s 2014 RCAC Neighborhood Recognition Award

The Laurel Hill Garden Club has been nominated for the RCAC Neighborhood Award by Brenda Cleveland in place of Beverly Shearon who could not attend the meeting. This club has been in existence for over 50 years and it still has some of its’ original members serving! They are heavily involved with their community and hold monthly programs to provide education on different topics dealing with gardening. It was a unanimous vote by those in attendance to have them represent NW Raleigh. Congratulations!

UDO Remapping Process by Travis Crane from Planning & Zoning Administration of Raleigh.

This project was started in 2007. There are about 35,000 parcels that are being rezoned. Legacy zoning districts are being removed from the city’s map and replaced with the zoning districts of the new UDO. Currently, the city asks for public review and input on proposed new zonings. The public review period ends on September 30, after which a revised map will be prepared and presented to the planning commission. Prior to the city council review, new notices will be mailed, and a public hearing will be held. For more information, including the maps with current and proposed zoning, go to Q&A

City Councilor Russ Stephenson

Councilor Russ Stephenson spoke to residents regarding how the new UDO would affect Northwest Raleigh. Councilor Stephenson talked about how the UDO process started. In 2007 there were a series of meetings with the public to discuss where the city is going over the next 30 years. In 2009 a new plan was implemented towards the growth. For example Cameron Village and how it’s growing. Councilor Stephenson showed a map, particularly focusing on the Glenwood Avenue corridor which is most likely to grow in density, and introduced transition guidelines. The comprehensive plan is to mix old neighborhoods with new communities and to make it work successfully.



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