Northwest CAC April 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC

Northwest Police Station 7:00 p.m.


Residents       9

Staff               2 (Community Services -1, Police -1)

Presenters      3


Chair Jay Gudeman opened the meeting.

Raleigh Police Department Crime Report and Separate Presentation on How to Protect your Property from Burglary

Officer Cochran provided the crime report for the NW area. Crime has slightly increased due to the warm weather. There were a few car break-ins along Glenwood Avenue. Officer Cochran talked about ways to protect you home from burglary:

  • Keep the outside perimeter of your home well lit
  • Keep the bushes around the house trimmed
  • Home alarm yard signage visible
  • Window sensors
  • Striker plates for doors

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Alisha Lacombe from Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources provided hand-outs to attendees regarding the summer programs offered by PR&C.

Land Donations to the City of Raleigh (Kevin Brice)

Kevin Brice from the City of OAKS Foundation presented the group with the history of the foundation. It is a charitable non-profit grass root organization that was established in December 2010. He also talked about how donated land is used for the citizens of Raleigh. Q&A. (More information at

Matthew Keough, senior planner from PR&C, talked about Wooten Meadows, a donation to the city (located at Leesville Road and Millbrook Road), and the future development of the land.

City of Raleigh’s Signage Regulations (Travis Crane)

Travis Crane of the City Planning Department spoke about signage regulations in the city. Addressed concerns that some NW residents have regarding what is considered legal signage for a business owner to use to promote a business. Travis also spoke a little about the pending changes under the new zoning codes for the city. Q&A.

Adjournment: 9:00p.m.

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