Northwest CAC April 14, 2015 Meeting Minutes

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Northwest CAC
NW Raleigh Police Station April 14, 2015 – 7:00pm
Dorothee Schmid
6 (Community Services, Raleigh Police Department, Raleigh Housing & Neighborhood Preservation, Raleigh Parks & Recreation, Department of City Planning)
Welcome & CAC News/Announcements
Jay Gudeman – welcomed everyone.
Police Report – (Captain Carriqan & Officer Cochran were present)
Captain Carrigan mentioned that the NW district is having a great trend with safety and low crime. Bill Yoder mentioned to everyone that the 919 Magazine featured Office Cochran. (See: involved-with-community-residents-just-a-part-of- the-job-for-officer-brian-cochran/)
Parks. Recreation & Cultural Resources – Laura Brannon (Briar Creek Park)
– Summer Camp registration has already opened.
– Crabtree Creek Trail East Extension, Neuse River Trail & Riverbend now open.
– Honeycutt Creek Greenway and East Fork Mine Creek Greenway are also now open.
– Pickle ball Courts are now open at Method Road Park located at 514 Method Road.
Presentation on Z-008-15 (O Enqlehardt Drive)
Michael Birch presenting on the Angus Barn property – which is zoned airport overlay. The zoning request is for the current zoning of TD with AOD & SHOD 2 to be changed to R-6-CU with SHOD 2 for the purpose of allowing for a single family subdivision. The main focus of the rezoning request is to remove the airport overlay district zoning.
Presentation Z-13-15 (13305 &13401 Leesville Church Rd.)
Michael Birch presented on a property that belongs to the church. This area is currently zoned R-4 & R-10 CU with SHOD-1 (Special Highway Overlay District). They are requesting to change to OX-3-CU with removal of SHOD- 1 in order to build a daycare/school.
Voting on Z-3-15 (11904. 1200. 1204 Leesville Road)
Lance Williams seeking to change from Rural Residential to R6 zoning. They are looking to build single family homes.
All in Favor = 15 All apposed = 0
Presentation on a potential zoning case on parcels 0788-04-7444. 0788-04-8624. 0788¬04-5738 at SE Quadrant of Strickland Road and Leesville Road – Not vet filed)
Michael Birch presented on this property (7.72 acres total) which is zoned for R-4, R-6. The developer will be asking to zone for NX-3-CU with conditions to allow retail development. Draymoor Manor HOA is opposing this project since it will create more traffic, noise & lighting issues. There were also concerns about runoff affecting Springdale residents (who are on septic) as well as Draymoor Manor. [Note: this case was submitted on 04-23-2015 as zoning case Z-14-15.]
Meeting adjourned – 9:05PM

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