Southeast CAC October 9, 2014 Minutes

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Chairperson Tim Sit presided over monthly meeting of Southeast CAC that was held at Worthdale Center on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

Raleigh Police Report was given by Officer Williams who reported that larcenies and burglaries continue to top list of crimes in residential areas. Larcenies from vehicles topped the list with some vehicles being unlocked. Police conducted speed checks in the Barwell Rd. area and issued 39 citations in the process.

Wake County Sheriff report was given by Deputy Phillip Sutton. Deputy Sutton shared same vehicle larceny concerns as RPD. He also stated that motor vehicle thefts are up and with most cars being unlocked–some with keys in ignition. Some motor vehicle thefts have proven to be part of gang initiations. Deputy Sutton cautioned everyone, especially seniors, to be very careful with calls from scammers. Department has received many calls from people who have encountered this situation.

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation report was given by Mel May. She encouraged residents to use code enforcement by calling Department about (1) grass in yards that is over eight inches high, (2) abandoned cars, (3) properties with debris or abandoned items.

Parks & Rec report was given by Assistant Director Roderick Heath. (1) He thanked Worthdale Neighborhood Association for hosting a great Community Fun Day in September; (2). He shared that renovations on Worthdale Center will commence on November 10th and will continue through March 2015; (3) Worthdale basketball teams will go to Barwell Rd. Community Center during renovations.

Worthdale Community Center Renovations update report was given by Ken Hisler. He stated that the following renovations will be done at Center: installation of air conditioning in gym; re-do kitchen; bring women’s bathroom in compliance to ADA; replace equipment; re-do landscape outside. Department is also seeking bids to do deck and awnings on outside.

Raleigh Parks Bond presentation was done by Dana Youst, Recreation Manager, PRCR & Jimmy Thiem, Citizens Advocacy Group. Approval of a $91.775 million dollar bond referendum, for parks and recreational facilities, will be on voter’s ballot for the November 4th election. If approved, projects will be implemented in phases over the next 5-7 years with first phases beginning in Fall of 2015. Questions and concerns were entertained and materials were distributed.

Graphic Design was presented by Jennifer Mangum who shared design that she had completed. Some variation in color and ethnicity were suggested for final version of design. Everyone thought it was a great design and thanked Mrs. Mangum for her efforts.

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