Southeast CAC November 14, 2014 Minutes

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Opening remarks for the November 13, 2014 Southeast CAC meeting were made by Chairperson Tim Sit.

The meeting was held at Barwell Road Community Center at 7:00 p.m.

Parks & Recreation and Cultural Resources report was given by staff. Programs and events included: (1) adult basketball opening next week; (2) youth basketball is going well; (3) 50+ baseball play in the making; (4) open volleyball play on Sunday; (5) Leisure Ledgers are now available.

Raleigh Police Report was given by Officer Roderick Lee who reported that break-ins and crimes are down a little from prior months; however, Officer Lee continued to warn residents to secure property and especially vehicles. Items from break-ins and home burglaries include electronic devices. Vehicle larceny are high on list of crimes–one vehicle had a pistol which was taken. Residents were warned about engaging in conversation with strangers especially in parking and other places that pose dangers to oneself. Officer Lee also reminded people to be very cautious about warming up unoccupied vehicles as it gets cold.

Housing & Neighborhood report was given by Chris Boyd. Mr. Boyd stressed the importance of properly using and maintaining heaters and air conditioners. He asked residents to be mindful and report unsightly abandoned houses that may pose danger to the safety of others. He encouraged residents to use the Open Call line to report public nuisances and other matters that need the attention of the Department.

Councilman Eugene Weeks gave updates on the following: (1) New Bern Avenue Corridor project; (2) newly approved bond referendum; (3) meeting with City Manager and being an escort to him on sites “in need” of repairs/improvement; (4) South New Hope Development Affordable Housing project.

New Bern Avenue Corridor Alliance report was given by board members Christine Craig and Octavia Rainey. They gave highlights of the projects which will include more lighting, sidewalks, transit, cultural trails, oral history, bringing in developers to determine how more businesses can stay in the corridor. Project could take up to two years with a cost of $5-6 million.

YMCA Programs in SE Raleigh update was given by Associate Branch Director SE Raleigh Dexter Hebert. Organization is still working on ways and means to secure site and funds for building in area. A committee, chaired by Vice Chair Dr. Lane, will meet with Barwell Staff and City Parks and Rec staff on November 19th to discuss issues and express need for more outside play area for Center. Next meeting is December 11th at Barwell Road Community.

The meeting was adjourned.

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