Southeast CAC May 8, 2014 Minutes

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Southeast CAC Meeting Minutes Thursday, May 8, 2014 at Barwell Community Center.

Meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Ulysses Lane. Tim Sit and Jonathan Edwards were also present.

Matt Johnston, Assistant Director Barwell Rd. Community Center, gave the presentation from Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. Summer Camp will be starting on June 16th for 5 year olds at Barwell Rd. (5-16 years old at other centers). Cost is $80/week. The Senior 3 on 3 basketball program will be starting on May 20th. The center will be closed on Memorial Day. The Northeast Outreach Center off of Capital Blvd. will open on May 17th with festivities from 10 am – 12 noon. The Halifax Community Center will be opening on May 27th with festivities from 5:30-7pm.

The Raleigh Police Department report was given by Officers Schneider and Lee. They noted a peeping Tom was arrested. Thefts from motor vehicles was still an ongoing issue and the officers reminded everyone to keep belongings hidden and out of sight if left if vehicles. There was a report of 3 teenagers pulling on car door handles along Offshore Drive (Sumerlyn subdivision). Officers also reminded everyone to not post vacation plans on social media and to request increased patrols while you were away. Residents in attendance raised concerns about speeding, hearing gunshots and issues with burning trash.

Dr. Jung Kim from the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services gave a presentation about bedbugs and how to detect them in various items (especially discarded furniture, clothing and bedding). He recommended visiting his blog ( for further info.

Erika Gullick was not present for her presentation.

Chris Boyd and William Potter from Raleigh Inspections and Neighborhood Preservation were present to add comments regarding bedbugs in rental units (collect and submit samples to them for code enforcement with the landlord). They also answered residents’ questions regarding grass height, etc.

David Eatman, Transit Administrator with CAT, gave a presentation on possible new routes under consideration for future study (including along Rock Quarry Rd. to Barwell Rd.). He also mentioned some relevant route changes/improvements that affected the Southeast CAC that are going into effect on June 1st as well the fact that 21 new buses are on order.

Racquel Merritt and Joyce Harper were present from the Southeastern Healthcare and Adult Day Center to discuss their facility and the programs that they offer. They have been in operation for over 20 years and have recently relocated to their present location where a grand opening will be held on May 15th from 3-5pm. Their programs include a non-profit adult daycare on site for those aged 55+. They are looking to hire new certified nursing assistants.

Jonathan Edwards expanded on item #8 of the agenda to produce attendee directed meetings and encouraged residents to voice their desires for agenda items. Jonathan also mentioned the realignment of several Raleigh departments (Community Services, Community Development and the Housing & Neighborhood Preservation division of Inspections) into one yet to be named department by July 1st .

Next meeting will be held at the Worthdale Community Center on June 12th.

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